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Last week, the Hawai’i News reported a 6.2 earthquake off the coast of Hawai’i, the Big Island. No tsunami expected afterwards, it said. I looked it up, and sure enough, the earthquake was on the bottom of the ocean, where a new volcano is taking shape. Lo’ihi, or Lōʻihi Seamount is an active submarine volcano about 22 mi off the southeast coast of the island of Hawaii. The top of the seamount is about 3,200 ft below sea level. This seamount is on the flank of Mauna Loa, the largest shield volcano on Earth. If you are interested, look it up on Wikipedia.

It was especially interesting for us, because we learned about Lo’ihi when we lived on the Big Island twenty-five years ago. Not that we expected to see another island surface, because with a little bit of luck that will take 200,000 years. None of us will be there to watch the spectacle. What I found particularly interesting is that the hot lava erupting out of the crater immediately cools off by the surrounding ocean water and turns into balls. Can you imagine? Lava balls? I wonder how warm they still are, knowing that the temperature of lava straight from a volcano is about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the water at the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean is 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Reading that, it does not seem too cold down there. But I was very happy to swim and snorkel on the surface at a temperature of about 84 degrees. And that for twelve whole years! How lucky can you be?


October Fest and a Dog Parade are on the schedule this week at the Club. Last week, they had rescheduled it and I came for nothing, because we at the cottages not always get all the news in a timely manner. So this Friday, I will take Lani to the Dog Parade for the Assisted Living Residents. October Fest still conjures up unpleasant memories of the War for Mike, and besides, we don’t drink beer. Talking about memories, one of the pleasant memories that we have of visiting Mike’s Mom when we still lived in the Netherlands was that they always served a glass of Port after dinner. So this week, when I happened to be at Harris Teeter Pharmacy, I sauntered over to their huge wine department and discovered in a far corner several brands of Port. I chose a bottle of Sandeman Tawny Port, a familiar brand, and recommended by the man who was stocking the shelves. He apologized for the fact that Harris Teeter did not carry the $125/bottle Port, but I said that I would try the Tawny Port they had on the shelf first. I did, and it is delicious! Sometimes instead of dessert, sometimes with! I can highly recommend it.

Doctors visits always take time, whether they are coming to the house or we are going to see them. We had several of those, and so this week I will end by saying all the checkups were good and we’re ok until the next visit. Happy, happy.

May your days be peaceful and happy.

Until next time,


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