A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-92


is a Magazine that is celebrating 65 years. It is a Magazine for and by Indo’s, people with links to the Dutch East Indies. Because so many Indo’s emigrated to many countries all over the world, and second and third generations do not speak Dutch anymore, but rather English, Moesson came out this year with Moesson International in the English language. For the July issue, commemorating August 15, the end of World War Two in the Dutch East Indies, they asked me to write some childhood memories of our years in the camps and of our later pilgrimage to Java. I may have mentioned this here before, and if you have read the books I published based on the secret journal of my mother, you will recognize some of my story.

Part of the story is on Moesson’s website:  https://www.moesson.com/magazine/moesson-international/
Scroll down the page until you see: READERS SHARE STORIES right above my picture. Click on the picture and you will get to part of my story.

The full story is published in the Printed Moesson International Magazine of July 2021.