A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-90

A Watch Story

Mike has had a favorite Timex watch on a stretch gold tone band – he had it since we lived in Prescott. The band became so tight that it left an indent and that worried me. So one day, we went shopping for a new watch with a wider band. We ended up at JC Penney’s with a watch that looked the same, so Mike liked it, and the label said “wider band”. Well, the band was a tad wider, but not longer. So it was equally tight on his wrist. Then recently, our Primary Care Doctor said he shouldn’t really wear such a tight band, also because we detected a rash on his left hand. So Mike took it off, but the next day, he put it on his right wrist. It was equally tight there. So he took it off and put it on the table next to him.

I went shopping on Amazon and found a beautiful gold pocket watch, bigger than the old one, on a gold chain. Now Mike does not wear vests of course, but it said this pocket watch was especially good for jeans. The pictures looked cool, and I bought it.

Hm. It started out good, because Mike liked it. I took it to my Jeweler to set it and he explained that it was self winding, but it needed movement and the movement of walking alone was not enough. I would need to shake it vigorously twenty times twice a day. Well, Mike is not walking a lot, so we needed to shake it more often.

There was another problem: it was a pocket watch for jeans. Jeans have a pocket on the front. Mike does not wear jeans. He has deep pockets, and even though the gold chain was attached to a belt loop, it was impossible to dig the watch up to look at the time all day long, especially when he was seated. And he is seated most of the day with his leg up, because the wound is only slowly healing. So he put it on the table next to him. And said: “Why can’t I have my old watch on the table instead of this one?” Well yeah, good point, but I really liked that watch. So I shook it twenty times or more twice a day and walked around with it in my pocket for a while, but then it stopped. And after I set it again an d tried it for another day, the same thing happened. It did not keep running. I was sad to see it go, but Amazon graciously took it back. And Mike ended up very pleased with his old watch on the table next to him. the band is attached, so I can’t replace it, and I’m done looking! If he is happy, I am happy.

Halloween is just around the corner!

It is wonderful to have found another couple interested in thinking of some fun costumes and to do
something with. I sent out a text to all the kids and asked for ideas for Mike. Everyone jumped on the chance . .they sent us pictures and Amazon links.      

From Hawaiian tourist to Adventurer to Einstein to a Pumpkin. But Mike did not care for any. Until one kid sent us the link to a Maori suit with tattoos all over and a leaf skirt. Well, that one took my breath away. It is available for men and women: I wanted that one! All reviews however were from men. I decided you have to be tall and skinny to show off that costume! So I am not going to get one.

 Mike decided he would be happiest with the same  costume that he wore two years ago. And I am still vacillating friends tomorrow night over dinner.

The dining room is open again

for three nights a week, possibly five next week. There are
more servers and it was delightful to go to dinner again.
The mood was animated, the dining room was full, so full
that they ran out of apple pie for the last shift.

We have hope that eventually, Waltonwood will be restored           to its former glory. Remodeling will start in January 2022.
It will be a lengthy process, but we in the cottages will not
be in too much of a mess.

May your days be peaceful and happy.

Until next time


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