A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-89

New Neighbors

We have new neighbors in the second cottage across the street. They have a little white dog, Sofie, and of course we met with our dogs. After the moving truck had left, their daughter spent three days working in the cottage, to get it ready for her parents, and I thought everything was in place. To my surprise, nothing is! Boxes up to the ceiling, furniture everywhere but not in the right place, and when they came home from the supermarket this afternoon I found all the grocery bags on he floor in the kitchen. My heart goes out to them, but what they need is their Ambassador, and their daughter will not come back until next weekend. I went over to give them phone numbers for the Vet and the Ophthalmologist and other things she asked about, but too much time away from Mike is not what I want.


Management of Waltonwood leaves much to be desired these days. People rightly complain about everything, and the cause of all that is that many management associates have either been fired or have left for better jobs. And then, if replacements are hired, they have to be trained and lots of things go wrong or do not happen. Phone calls do not get returned, neither do emails. The monthly calendar has double bookings and so on. All those things are negatives. But then there are so many positives that we decided to sign on for another year.

Spelling Bee

Before Covid, the monthly Spelling Bee was always fun. Now, people still have to discover it among the many other activities. Today there were three people participating, and it was better than nothing, but I hope they will send out a flyer for the next time.

A good day!

When, halfway through the night, I couldn’t sleep anymore, I got up, wrote a long email to my best friend, added a paragraph to this Post, and at 5:00 a.m. Mike came to look where I was, thinking it was time to get up. Well, since we were both up, I made coffee, woke Lani, who was very hesitant to get out of her basket at such an early hour, and checked the mail. Then, gloriously early, I rolled out my yoga mat, did my exercises, took Lani for a walk when it was barely light, took a nice shower, got dressed and went to the Club to get breakfast.

Before the Spelling Bee, when it was already warm outside, I walked for half an hour on the first floor, inside, and at the end of the day I had reached, finally again, more than my goal of 10,000 steps: 12750 to be precise. That is 5.51 miles. I hope to be back on track after the long hot summer, vacation time and just a slower pace of life. Amazon provided me with a good pair of running shoes after I had worn out the previous pair in the spring. So…Life is good!

May your days be peaceful and happy.

Until next time,


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