Veterans of World War Two in the Pacific

The Survivors

Well, there you have it. While working on my anthology Survivors of WWII in the Pacific, I became privy to intimate details of the lives of some of the veterans I interviewed; the young men who, barely adults, enlisted to go to war to defend their country, strong, proud and idealistic, not realizing the danger, the pain, the horrors and anguish they would experience.

Those young men are now aged Veterans of World War Two, whose experiences are indelibly engraved on their minds. They remember the war they fought as if it was yesterday. Now in their very old age, without nearby relatives or any relatives at all, they are living alone, in a hospital or in a nursing home, with one disability or another. And although no longer strong, they are still proud, proud of their achievements and the fact that they fought for their country and the war was won.

Those aged Veterans all contributed jointly to the defeat of the Japanese, the end of the War in the Pacific and saving my life when I was a little girl who had barely lived.

Aside from my mission to share my mother’s story through my book Rising from the Shadow of the Sun, I now have another mission: visiting those WWII Veterans I have come to know, sharing some love and laughter, giving them hope for another good day, trying to make their lives a little happier. It takes time, but I feel I owe it to them and besides, I enjoy my visits. There you have it. You can read their and other Survivors’ stories in my Anthology Survivors of WWII in the Pacific.

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