Survivor of WWII in the Pacific

Guy Willis 2014Guy C. Willis, QM2 USN

If you watched The Morning Scramble on AZTV last week on August 15, when two WWII veterans were being honored and thanked for their service to our country, you will have noticed that each one of them only had about seven minutes to answer questions and tell their stories. In hindsight, Guy Willis wished that he had said things differently and had talked about other, more important things.

Guy Willis, who served in the US Navy at the end of WWII and in Korea, is now an active volunteer with the Volunteer Services of the Veterans Administration in Prescott, Arizona. This is what he would have wanted to add during the interview if he would have had more time.

“For over sixty years I have frequently visited the Punchbowl, the National Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawai’i on the island of Oahu. Those visits gave me an opportunity to think about all who suffered through the trials of World War Two in the Pacific and especially to remember those I knew personally, the ones who didn’t come home. All of their names are engraved on the Punchbowl walls.

Two childhood friends did not come home. Joe Bagley went down with his A-26 bomber  in the Solomon Islands. He was twenty-two. Johnny Parsons was killed by a kamikaze while aboard USS Drexler at Okinawa; he was only eighteen.  George Davis, the captain of USS Walke (my ship in the Korean War) was also killed by a kamikaze at Leyte Gulf. He was thirty-three and a post-humous recipient of the Medal Of Honor.

Then, during the Korean War, 26 of my USS Walke  shipmates did not come home and 46 were wounded. We, the crew of the Walke, will always be shipmates. We especially honor those who were wounded or gave their lives for our beloved country.”

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The War is Over!

Celebrating V-J Day

On Friday, August 15, in commemoration of the 69th anniversary of V-J Day, the day that the Japanese surrendered and WWII came to an end, Sandy Moss on her morning show The Morning Scramble on  AZTV Channel 7 interviewed two WWII survivors,  Edward Sowman, a Pearl Harbor survivor, and Guy Willis, who served in the Pacific at the end of the war to bring home the troops, and then re-enlisted to serve during the Korean War. I talked about my new Anthology Survivors of WWII in the Pacific with stories by both Ed and Guy and other veterans as well as stories by camp survivors of the Pacific War.

If you were not able to watch the show you may be able to see it in a week or so on the Publicity Page of this website. I will keep you posted!

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August 15: 69th Commemoration of the End of the War in the Pacific

The Morning Scramble with Sandy Moss

The Morning Scramble


3211 Tower Road Prescott, Arizona 86305 (928) 778-6770

         AUGUST 15, 8:30 a.m.

Honoring our Veterans -
 Interview with

RONNY HERMAN DE JONG, Camp Survivor, Author
Rising from the Shadow of the Sun
Survivors of WWII in the Pacific

 WW II  – Pearl Harbor


GUY WILLIS, Veteran 
 WW II & Korea  – QM2 US Navy


Next Friday tune in to AZTV 7 when you have a chance or look at the link for the Live Stream: 



Survivors of WWII in the Pacific

A New Book!  

Hello again! Let’s say I took a sabbatical… Not just for a family reunion, and a leisurely vacation, but to work on a new book, a collection of stories from survivors of the Japanese concentration camps and survivors of the armed forces of the United States who went to war in the Pacific. A war that came to an end on August 15, 1945. And today, on August 3, 2014, commemorating 69 years of the Japanese surrender, I published my new book Survivors of WWII in the Pacific. 

It is available on Amazon and Smashwords, Apple and Barnes & Noble and many other online distributors as well, in print and as an e-book.

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