A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-9


For the first time this winter they predicted snow. It started snowing Thursday afternoon when we drove to dinner. We heard that the schools were closed that day and the next day. Not familiar with frequent snow, people here do not know how to drive (extra carefully) and are afraid of icy roads. A large snowplow stood at the ready, waiting for things to come when we drove down for dinner. After dinner, we found a good inch of snow on the car, which slowly melted off in the garage that night. The road and side walks were still clear. I have one appointment early tomorrow morning, which I will cancel if they are open, which I doubt. It was supposed to stop snowing at 1:30 a.m., and it did. Right at 1:45 a.m. Lani started barking and when I got up I heard the scraping sound of a snow shovel nearby – in the distance that of the snow plow. Planning not to go to breakfast at the Club, we got up a little later than usual and at that time someone was throwing rock salt on roads and sidewalks, even up to our front door and garage door. An hour later I could walk Lani in my snow boots on clear walkways and she had fun dashing in the snow.

Spinal Surgeon

At an early visit with the spinal surgeon, she decided that, after an injection in the SI joint, which had not helped, she would give me another guided injection, in 2 places left and two on the right of the lower spine. The lower back pain which I have been taking PT for since late October is apparently caused by age-related mild arthritis here and there which caused a slight spinal stenosis.  Actually, I’ve had that since we lived in Prescott, Arizona and for six years I had no problem with it. The constant sudden pulling of the dog renewed the problem. The proposed injection(s) will eliminate the pain, even though it won’t cure the arthritis. Well, it could be worse. Moderate arthritis in my lower spine? Nothing to complain about. I can still walk, dance and exercise.

After my appointment, under darkening skies, I drove to Trader Joe’s and purchased a large bush of forsythias, to get some spring color in the house. And when I saw that they had the first daffodils on sale, I could not resist getting a few bunches of those as well. Then I stopped at the alteration store and dropped off a dress to be shortened. I used to do those things myself, because I love sewing and I still have my old Singer, but at this time in my life I want to do other things (which is another way of saying I am too busy!). Back home, I found two vases, filled them with daffodils and took them to some friends who can’t  just hop in the car and go to the store to buy flowers like I can. It takes so little time and effort to bring some sunshine in other people’s lives. And I love doing that.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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