A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-10

A Heimlich Maneuver 

Two days ago, during dinner, loud coughing alarmed everyone and we all turned our heads towards the table the sounds came from. It was Ben. He was bending over, coughing and apparently choking. From the table next to his, we saw Connie jump up, run over to where Ben sat, wrap her arms around him and start thrusting her clasped fists into his abdomen: in and up. It was over in a few minutes – Ben was sitting upright again and Connie went back to her table. It was amazing to watch someone perform the Heimlich Maneuver; it was even more amazing that it was Connie, who did it. Connie has early Dementia symptoms, mild, but noticeable to an outsider. We learned later that “in her former life” she had been a nurse. And in this moment of urgent need, her knowledge of the Heimlich emerged and she demonstrated the skills of a professional without a moment of hesitation. Which proves the adage Never judge a book by its cover.

Celestial Celebration!

On February 27 and 28 we were celebrating our 60th Engagement Anniversary. Sixty years ago, we were in Amsterdam and had a reception in Nijmegen. We were on Cloud Nine! Now, 60 years later, in a clear, cloudless sky, we witnessed the moon and Venus in close proximity to each other. We could not see their actual rendezvous, because that happened when they were below the horizon (under the covers?), but this picture will show you what we saw in the starry night sky last week. Venus sparkled and the moon shone! A few days later, they were much further apart.

Tax Time

Mike is getting his files sorted in preparation for tax time. We have done our taxes for many years on Turbo Tax and it is a team effort. He has the information and I get it into the computer. Usually, a few hours for two days is all we need. So early next week we’ll start.

Weekly  Blog Posts

I have a request to all of my followers, to let me know whether they have not received my weekly posts for a while (even though I  published them weekly) and if they are now getting them again? Please let me know with a few words yes or no. Something was wrong with my website so that two friends emailed me to see if I was ill, because they were not getting my Wednesday posts. You would do me a great favor by just sending me an email or respond in the Comments below this post with a simple YES, I have continued to receive them or NO, they stopped coming – but now we are getting them again. Or NO, we haven’t seen any for a while and are still not getting them. I hope to get my website fixed soon.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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8 thoughts on “A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-10”

  1. I think it’s fixed now, Ronny. I would urge anyone who hasn’t received your posts for awhile to visit your site and read your previous posts here.

  2. They stopped coming but with Dottie’s email to you I did get this one so I must assume we are up and running again. Loved your story about the moon and Venus. Perfect!

  3. Hi, Ronny,
    NO, they stopped coming but now I am getting them again.
    I feel very selfish enjoying them and still not keeping in touch with you. So VERY very sorry!
    The day will come that, after all these years I’ll try to find a moment to write to you. In which language : Dutch or English ? I prefer Dutch, it is one of the reasons that I did not know what to do. It was lovely to read about your life and I thank you for that!
    Best wishes and …. groetjes,
    Lenta Wamsteeker-van Rhee


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