A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-8

Valentine’s Day

 On Valentine’s Day, last Friday morning, they organized a party in the Dining Room for the renewing of our vows. We were welcomed with red carnation boutonnières, the ladies’ tied with a white ribbon. A crew from spectrum TV was setting up cameras and asked us if we wanted to be interviewed. They wanted two couples but one had cancelled at the last minute, and we ended up being the only one, because our interview lasted more than ten minutes. It was fun, and they told us afterwards that our interview would show on the five o’clock news. Because that was during our dinner time, we asked someone to tape it for us. On Sunday after brunch we went up to their apartment to watch it. Well, all that was left of the long interview were a few clips. But that day and the morning thereafter many people commented that they had seen us on TV. The couple with the most anniversaries, 69, received a red rose. We have just celebrated our 59th, but then we are ten years younger, so we have a way to go. One couple has 71 years to look back on, but they were not present, because the husband is in Memory Care.

A fundraiser for the Chef, a member of a charitable organization that was having a cooking competition, was another “red” event. We could send a red rose, a box of chocolates or a handwritten note to anyone for $2 each, or $5 for all three. That was really fun. We ordered gifts of all three to be delivered to many of our friends with the note saying  Sent with love by a secret admirer. It was fun to plan these surprises. The only thing was that we could never find out what the reaction was of the recipients, because it was all secret. I had sent a set of three to Mike, who kept guessing from whom it came, but he guessed wrong. I received a set of three from one of our friends, but that had a signed note from her.


On Saturday, we went to see our youngest grandson in action during the final basketball game of the season. This kid is tall in comparison, and he can run extremely fast. He scored four times out of fourteen, and it was fun to watch him. Because bleachers are not senior friendly, Dennis had brought two comfortable stadium chairs for us. We drove home in the midday sun. It has been a very unusual summer, to say the least. A few days of temperatures around 30 degrees and nights down to 24, but then days as high again as 70 with nights of 54 to 60. With sometimes hard winds it is cold enough for our liking, and we are looking forward to spring and summer.

Voting time

We were used to voting by mail when we lived in Arizona, so we requested absentee ballots again here. Although, with the big mess in the White House, the political fights and the enormous amounts of money being spent on the elections, you would sometimes be inclined to throw in the towel and do nothing.

We are thankful for our lovely cottage, the beautiful surroundings, the freedom to participate in activities or stay home, and the feeling that we are in a safe place, whatever happens.

It’s a wonderful Life!

Until next time,



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