A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-55

Covid Testing again

On Wednesday we were tested again for Covid, because three people of the staff have tested positive again and are ordered off the property until they are better. And this Wednesday we will be tested again. We can’t wait for the second dose of the vaccine! We have been postponing all our dental visits for almost a year now, and I need to see the ophthalmologist and Mike the audiologist for checkups. but it seemed too dangerous to go out with all the Covid spikes after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

An Xray on the coffee table

The last few weeks I experienced pain in my acetabulum, which is where the femur joins the hip bone. Around the house it was not so bad, but taking bigger and faster strides when I walked with Lani, it felt like a 2 or 3 pain. I decreased my walking from five miles to three per day, because walking was so uncomfortable. The doctor came and ordered an X-ray, for possibly the same day. We waited and then forgot about it until the bell rang at 6 p.m., when I was just serving dinner. The Xray machine, we knew, would not fit underneath our bed, because we have a platform bed. After some deliberation I pulled out one side of the love seat, sat down and then laid down on the coffee table, resting with my head and shoulders on the pulled-out loveseat. Mike should have taken a picture! The tech put his board underneath my hips and the X-ray beam on top and so took a few pictures, with straight legs, leg in and leg out, and that was it. A little hard, I must say, but the tech was very pleased with the best operating table he had found in the whole place all day.

Full days

These days are so incredibly busy that I have not sat down with a book for weeks and every night go to bed saying, What a day!  Not only the regular household things make it hectic, the laundry and dog walks, but online shopping, three-monthly blood draw for both of us, repeated Covid testing, phone calls and FaceTime with all the kids and grandkids, merchandise being dropped off, the Christmas tree, ornaments and decorations put away, including yesterday the outside lights and wreath, OT and PT for Mike a total of six hours per week, and now also for me, starting with stretches for my hip. Only two hours per week so far, and then of course homework. Exercise means that I don’t have a crack in my hip joint, and that is a very good thing. Exercise is something I believe in. It takes more and more time to exercise all the parts of my body to keep them in good shape, but it is worth the trouble.

Our Celebration

It is a good thing that we could turn off the TV and put on some background music, because on Sunday, January 10, we celebrated our 60th Anniversary. What an exciting day it was. We talked to all our children and grandchildren on FaceTime and were showered with 60 cream-and-red roses, a dozen sunset colored roses, a bottle of champagne and delicious cheeses and crackers. We decided to invite our three closest neighbors to share our champagne, masks on, then off, and we had a lovely time with the  first guests to come to our house since almost a year ago! Our crystal champagne glasses are an inheritance from our Pasadena neighbor, the Little Old Lady of Pasadena, who used them on her wedding day. So those glasses are at least 60 years old. We treasure a lot of old things coming from our parents and a even grandparents. It is wonderful to be surrounded by happy memories.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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