A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-54

2021 started with a bang, yes?

No, not really. We had a nice long weekend with mild temperatures, but the days were overcast and we had a lot of rain. On Thursday, New Year’s Eve, we were vaccinated with the first dose of Moderna, the second one due on January 28. They had taken all furniture out of the Assisted Living dining room except for four necessary tables and chairs. We got the call to come over to the Club two hours before we expected it, that is how fast it all went. We were asked to wait in the Assisted Living hallway, in chairs placed far apart, until it was our turn to go into the “treatment room.” The paper we had checked ahead of time was taken in and two technicians delivered the injections. After the shot, which we did not feel at all, just like a flu shot, we received a receipt and were asked to wait in the adjacent room for fifteen minutes to see if we had any after effects. We had none, so could go home and that was that. Two days later, I did not feel good; my bones hurt, but not like when you have a temperature. My vision was not sharp and I made mistakes in filling out a form, twice over. I took two Tylenols when I went to bed and hoped I would feel better the next day, Sunday. I did. Phew! One down, one to go, all for the good.

Our diamond Wedding Anniversary!

Those last two days of 2020 and New Year’s Day, I worked on a creative project: designing thirteen “invitations” for our special day: January 10, when we will be celebrating our 60th Wedding Anniversary. With Christmas cards still coming in from the US as well as from overseas, I could have guessed that my cards would not make it by next Saturday. But I did whatever I could to mail them express and special delivery with my fingers crossed. We are hoping that we can all come to our special reunion this summer and have rented a nice house on the beach in South Carolina. Half of our combined families can drive there, the other half will fly in. Hopefully Covid will have been contained and all of us will have received the vaccine.

The Kirkus Review of Rising from the Shadow of the Sun

It was published on January 3, 2021 on the Kirkusreviews.com website. There is still a problem with the link to Amazon and I spent a lot of time on trying to figure out what was wrong. I found it’s a glitch on their side and am hoping they will fix it today and I can start promoting it (the Review, not the glitch :-)). Amazing that I am not the only one with computer problems! The storage capacity on my Mac was nearing 100% full. I received warnings, but could not spend time on it until….things stopped. I could not send emails, could not even open my website. In an attempt to condense some files I disabled my Google account. Then I could not enable it again. Of course one of my grandsons could help, I thought. But he texted back he did not know much about Google. And his brother? Oh, he is worse. So back to the Mac. And I did it! With the help of a chatter who sent me a secret number I got Google up and running. Then I purchased extra storage of $1.99 per month (why did I not do that in the first place?) and I am good to go again.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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