A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-41

Past and Present Posts

Well, last week’s Post did not come down the chute until about 8:15 a.m. because we overslept. We watched the Presidential Debate until the end and then some of the discussion afterwards. For undecideds this would have been an opportunity to get to know the plans for the future of both candidates, but they did not learn much. Chris Wallace could not handle the President, who did not adhere to the rules, and so it was total chaos most of the time. You will agree if you watched. We voted early, so we cannot change history anymore at this time.

This week’s post will be ultra short, because I spent a lot of time watching television after it became known that the President had contracted Covid-19. Well, the news gets repeated every time another newscaster comes on, so if you watch once a day, you will get it all. It’s a total waste of my time to just sit and watch all day the ongoing opinions of doctors and scientists, once is enough.

Garden maintenance and Wardrobe

This week, anticipating the cooler weather, I took in the bird bath and the hummingbird feeder, after I had seen no visitors. when I rolled up the garden hose in a corner of the border, I noticed a whole area of tiny red mushrooms, the size of a quarter to 1/8″. How special. I remember I saw a few last year in the grass; in the border they are more visible and I will keep an eye on them as they grow.¬†When we walk in Wimbledon, it rains acorns, and squirrels abound.

I decided to exchange my summer clothes for the winter clothes this week. It’s a huge project, but I made a dent. Would you believe that I could put almost all my summer clothes away without having worn them even once? Since early March, we did not go to church, nor to dinner or parties at the Club, not on outings to the beach, you name it! We stayed put, and I discovered you can live with very few clothes if you don’t go anywhere. I am giving several items away, but will keep the rest, hoping for better days to come next year.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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