A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-40

Another mini vacation

Last week, just before the weather turned, our son invited me to go on a boat ride on Harris Lake. What a wonderful opportunity to get out and enjoy nature! Two of the grandsons came along for the ride, and we had a wonderful afternoon on the lake. All three men went swimming after we had thrown out the anchor, and I just luxuriated on the soft, padded seat. It was overcast with a glimpse of sunshine now and then, and we saw many herons, blue, grey and white, along the shoreline. It was a lovely time to be on the water; next time, weather permitting, I will go swimming too. They thought I would have a problem coming back on board via the small metal ladder, but I’ve done it before on Catamaran trips in the South Pacific. Although the water was warmer there!

Carpet woes

Last Monday, six months over due because of the Covid, we finally had our annual carpet cleaning done. And was it necessary! In the morning I put all the movable furniture out of harm’s way and took Lani to Camp Bowwow for a day of fun with other dogs her size. When the tech arrived, Mike and I left, had lunch at the Club and hung around until we could take our dinner home, around 4:30. The carpet was still damp, but I put part of the furniture back and then went to pick up Lani.

On Tuesday, I took Lani to the groomer’s and while she was gone, we brought the house back in good shape. Phew! Then, Tuesday night, Lani started barking just after midnight, highly unusual. So I tried to calm her down, then Mike admonished her, I put on a warm robe and let her out in the back. She did nothing, and back inside she continued barking. To make a long story short: Mike finally decided to get up and sit in his chair, after having cornered Lani into the office. At 7:00, I got up, we had coffee and then I got ready to walk Lani. When I opened the office door, Oh my God!  There  was poop in concentric circles all over the carpet. Poor Lani. I should have let her out on the street. After our walk I spent all morning cleaning up and I put in a work order for Maintenance to come with their machine to spot treat the 6′ x 6′ carpet in the office.

Photo albums

During these months of “leisure”, I thought it a good idea to go through our photo albums; throw away the photo’s that don’t mean anything anymore (sometimes we don’t even know the people in them) and to condense the good ones in fewer albums than we have now. Some photo’s, important to friends, I will put on the computer and send them the originals. It is a huge project, but the end result will be worth all the work. Luckily, we have loose-leaf albums we can take out pictures easily. This idea actually came from a good friend, and we are obliged!


Lani happily got used to getting in and out of the car, and riding in it. It’s a terrific solution for when the trail down and through the Divide is soggy after all the rains. The name “Wimbledon” makes her head go up, her eyes look at me in expectation: when? But not only can we go to Wimbledon in the car, we also went twice to the “Seabrook Trail” as I call it, a trail twice as long as the one in Wimbledon. She now also knows that name, and is ready at the drop of a hat! And the ride back and forth to Camp Bow Wow was fun as well. We’ve got it made!

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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