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Two deaths in our immediate family within a month have saddened us deeply. Writing sympathy cards and notes and receiving them, sending flowers and receiving them, telephone conversations and virtual hugs, I had no idea this could have such a paralyzing stress on us. Magnified by two somber, rainy days, the sorrow feels even deeper. I can’t get myself to do anything; reading gives only a momentary relief, taking the dog on the trail the third day, now that the sun is out again, feels better.

I have no inspiration to write another post; but just today, a lady in Prescott, Arizona, sent me a review of my latest book Anguished. She was not able to put it on Amazon, but it appears on my website. I will post her review here, thankful that it arrived at a time that parallels my feelings of the past.


Book Review on 10/12/2020 by Patsy L.Ray, Prescott, AZ

Written from her heart, author Ronny Herman de Jong lived the nightmare of Anguished and shares it as a warning that even trusted family members may not be trustworthy and that nursing homes and legal jurisdictions in various places function in different ways so that, should you find yourself in such a conspiracy, cover-up, and trial, they may consider you guilty until proven innocent.

We all hope that the last days of our loved ones will be handled with dignity in keeping with their wishes. That was Vera’s intention when she traveled from the United States to visit her mother in the Netherlands, who, at 101 years of age, was very frail. Five days into a 14 day visit she found herself being interrogated by the police. Behind her back, her nephew had accused her of planning to kill her mother.

The title of this book is perfect – Anguished. As you read what is happening to Vera, you viscerally feel the physical and mental torment she is experiencing: betrayal by her favorite nephew, being lied to by the nursing home staff, and being threatened by the staff’s doctor. In order to protect her mother from an unwanted autopsy, Vera returned to the U.S. where, after her mother had passed away alone, she learned that her nephew had embezzled all of his grandmother’s money.

It takes courage to find peace after a trusted loved one has deliberately executed a plan to harm you and your beloved mother. Ronny Herman de Jong has not only survived her anguish but has bravely shared her story to alert others who may have loved ones in nursing homes.

Life is a gift. Live it to the fullest.

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  1. Oh Ronny, that is such sad news. How painful that must be for you. May your healing go easy for you and your family.

  2. I was so sorry to hear of your losses Ronny, all the more hard to bear in these already difficult times. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. 🌺


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