A New Life: Changes and Great Expectations! 2023 – 04

First dinner guests

With everybody asking me how I am going to provide dinner after five years of not cooking when we lived in the retirement place, where dinner en breakfast were provided, I’m not doing so bad: we had our two Waltonwood  friends over for dinner last night without any effort at all! Our neighborhood Chef was planning to deliver barbecued shrimp plus rice, vegetables and dessert on Tuesday night. Wonderful for all, except me. So My Chef (his name) prepared delicious slices of pork loin especially for me. Our friends brought wonderful salad mixings and a bottle of white wine. Because they had to drive home to Cary, there is a half bottle of wine left for tonight. And since Mike does not drink anymore, I will have to finish it. Oh joy!

But seriously, I have not yet gotten to making a list of dinners for the whole week, but with DoorDash everything is possible even at the last minute. I can order from a plethora of restaurants close by. Fresh is better than frozen, but having a few frozen dinners in the new freezer will be good as backups.

New Appliances

They work well and are even better than the fridge that came with the house and the old toaster over I had had for years. The new one has programs and I enjoy finding out what all I can do with it.

Lani has a harness

What a find! No need anymore for her old collar: her name and old phone number are on it. A black and red harness that slips on easily, and the new leash with the easy-on-the-hands latch make walking smoother and more relaxing for me. And no more pulling on her neck. Why did I not get one before? I found thins one on Facebook and am glad I did.

I am making life easier for myself, can you see that? I am even finding time to sit at the computer once in a while for personal enjoyment. The time for long walks and reading a book will come soon. Three months after the move the garage has been cleaned up somewhat: all carton boxes went into the recycling bin in two weeks. A few more boxes to empty though. I wonder what I will find that I thought I had lost forever.

By the way, 

If you want to take the time to evaluate your mental fitness and have a good laugh, check out this site that an old friend sent me.

Retiree Mental Fitness Evaluation

It’s time to serve dinner!

Enjoy Life and Love those that cross our path

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “A New Life: Changes and Great Expectations! 2023 – 04”

  1. I do miss your beautiful smile here. I have already read your book Rising from the Shadows of the Sun; but I just found it again in the books by the piano – so I have brought it up to our room to read again!

    The remodeling is still going on here! I think that by the time it is finished, it will be time to start it again! Several more people have left here for “better grounds” or at least they hope their new accommodations will be better. It sounds like you are enjoying your new home! I am happy that we met, if even for a very short time. Love in Him Above!

    • Dear Linda,

      Thank you for your message! I never had the chance to thank you for the beautiful embroidery you gave me before we moved. I love it, thank you.

      My days are full in this beautiful place, my nights are restful and we are so thankful for all the blessings we receive.

      The Retiree Mental Fitness Evaluation came from Hugh 🙂 I wonder if he sent it to you too?

      Love to both of you.


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