A New Life: Changes and Great Expectations! 2023 – 03

A Graduation!

Last week, our middle grandson graduated early from high school and will be going to Flight School: a first step to becoming a pilot. He is expecting to have his Private Flying License this summer. Because we now also live in Apex, I was able to attend the ceremony of 35 graduating students, and that after watching a basketball game of the youngest, on his way to become the tallest of the family. After all that we all went out for dinner and I had a most delicious hamburger, the first one in a very long time. It was so wonderful to go out with family, and to know that a good friend was keeping Mike company. Mike is not interested in large gatherings – still very cautious to not catch anybody’s bug. Knock on wood: we both have been very lucky for years in that respect.


Lani finally had a grooming session with one of the local groomers and she is now “in the loop.” What a blessing: we could hardly see her eyes any more, even though I tried to snip away some hair around them a few times. So now all three of us have hair stylists established and are all “in the loop”, each in our own specialty shop. Mine is in “Cloud Nine”, and I think, based on the first cut, that he is a keeper.

MyCharts and Patient Portals 

Each of us needs one such “Chart” for every doctor to exchange messages, get test results and see upcoming and past appointments. We never had such means of communication with our doctors before: I would just send them an email and get a response in not too long a time. But now, to set those all up, fill out questionnaires and then to communicate with all of our doctors is not only complicated, but extremely time consuming. I hope that all that will be flowing in due time, and I must agree that it is practical from the point of view that doctors are extremely busy.

New Fridge, new Printer, new Toaster Oven

When it rains, it pours, they say. All these appliances broke down in a matter of two weeks. What a blessing that Dennis lives close by and was able to help with unpacking, installation and setup. Of course I tried to do some things on my own, but I called Dennis when I injured my left leg on the sharp corner of the carton box of the toaster oven.

Crystals in my head

A neurologist (I now have my own neurologist!) determined that my dizziness has to do with imbalanced portals in my head, not a problem with my brain. I am signed up for ten weekly appointments with a Physical Therapist in Cary. I am learning that my Unilateral Vestibular Hypofunction is on the left side, which is also the eye with a sightly lesser vision. I have 20/20 and 18/19 vision. Absolutely something to be super happy about, because I do not need glasses or contacts to see even the smallest print at a distance. And that at 84 years of age! So I am very happy. But with exercises at home, and the ten week sessions in Cary, I hope to improve my left-sided imbalance. This was the test I failed, and please try it yourself if you want to know how it feels. I  thought it was very interesting. Stand in a corner with your feet together, arms crossed and eyes closed, on a 2″ thick peace of foam, for thirty seconds, and do that three times. I got to six seconds the first time, then four, then six again. Each time I fell into the left wall. Of course I wanted to know if I could correct that. And yes, they think I can!

Meetings with my best friend

Because all my appointments are in Cary, and I have a caregiver at home for Mike, I will have time to meet with my best friend in Waltonwood every Friday. I have missed that contact since we moved, and am delighted I will be visiting with her again.

A long-time, very good friend of ours in the Netherlands, who has been suffering for years of almost unbearable health problems, wrote us in a final farewell email that he was finally allowed to go to sleep on January 30, today, and his cremation would be on Friday at noon. It makes me think.

Someone I know recently wrote that only one time in his life he had been able to fully enjoy the moment; to be somewhere, to do something at one time and consciously love it. Only once! How do you feel about that? Do you often consciously revel in an experience? Or always? Or never?

Today, Monday, is a day without appointments, so I sat down at my computer to write, instead of fill out doctors’ questionnaires. It was a joy beyond measure!

Hoping you are well and sending you my best

Until next time!




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