A New Life: Changes and Great Expectations! 2023 – 05

An evening out

We joined a dinner social at the Club last Saturday. Soups, salads, subs and desserts, all prepared by members of this neighborhood, or purchased to share. I had brought delicious nut clusters that I had just discovered myself at Costco. Cashews, almonds and sunflower seeds. It took a while before people discovered it: most went for the cheesecake, the coconut cake, crumb cake and cookies. But when I asked one lady to try one, the word spread like wildfire through the room and I noticed one lady filling a soup cup with them to take home. The various salads were delicious, and a welcome change from the usual green salads that we get with our dinners.

It was an enjoyable night out for me, but not so for Mike. With about fifty people in the room it became too noisy for him; taking out his hearing aids helped a bit, but still, he decided that he would prefer the monthly coffee hour with fewer people over a social.

Time out again

Busy days…

A walk around the lake

I took Lani to the lake last Wednesday; she was excited with the new adventure! When I am in optima forma again in the future, I think I may be able to walk there, but the road goes steep down and up again, and you have to do all that in reverse to get home. But today, I drove down for three minutes and parked the car in the parking lot next to two tennis courts and a large outdoor pool with a sign that said: Lifeguards needed for the summer. 

We walked around the lake on a gravel path and across three bridges, after which the path was paved and ran along the back of several homes, with a bench here and there. We saw ducks and black herons! I had only seen blue and white herons, never a black one. Two were just sitting on a platform in the water, stretching their long necks, one was diving under water for fish.



Spring is coming!

With a few warmer days, signs of spring are everywhere. Around the corner, the whole street is lined with white flowering trees; everywhere pink cherry blossoms come into bloom; the hedge under my office window is loaded with pink flowers, and along the road all the brown grass borders are showing tufts of green grass popping up.

The Fitness Center

We have a wonderful, small fitness center in the community, just down the street, a two minute walk. I hope to be able to make time three days a week to work out again. I don’t like the bike and the NordicTrack, but will enjoy the other four machines.

And then there was Buckey’s!

For many years I was a member of Planet Fitness in Prescott, Arizona. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, I would stop at Buckey’s Casino. With a free membership they offered $10 for Ladies to play with on Thursdays and $10 for couples on Wednesdays. I always played on both days (Mike did not feel like it at all) until the $10 was finished, not longer, and a pocketed the gains. It was amazing, and great fun. In a matter of five months or so I was able to buy Mike a leather jacket for Christmas and perfume and other things for myself. I could have been rich if I had known it earlier 🙂

Another surgery

Because I was born and raised in a tropical country when sunscreen was not invented yet, and because I lived in sunny California, where getting a tan was popular, and then in Hawai’i and Arizona, when I learned the danger of too much sun exposure, my skin is my weakest organ. The skin cancer surgeries I have had, all Basal Cell Carcinomas, were done with Mohs procedure. But now I have developed a Melanoma on the back of my upper left arm that needs excision surgery. Thankful that it was diagnosed as a stage one, I am expecting complete removal and a fast recovery. After Monday, I will have to be careful for a few weeks, until the stitches are out. Perhaps I will have time to read a good book again. So on we go! Pukul Terus!

Enjoy every day and

Take care of your loved ones.

Until next time,



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