A New Life! Retirement at its Best 89

OLLI Presentation

Well, it’s behind me! I was a little ambivalent about it this time because of the – I assumed – well educated, younger audience (over 55) that would attend. Being members of OLLI, they each still had to pay $15 to attend my lecture. I had better make it worth their while! I enjoyed it myself, and several people told me they did too, so all is well. This was not a place where I could sell books. That was an advantage in that I did not have to worry about bringing books in my little suitcase (a heavy load). I am just hoping that my story created such an interest that people are going to get my books online or from their library.

Lani went to doggie day camp for half of the day. I dropped her off at 7:15 a.m. and picked her up at 2:15, after her nap. She was very eager to get in, and very happy to see me back, but then wanted to turn right around and go in again. A good sign, since we are planning to board her there for the 3 weeks in July/August when we will be on vacation. That is a long time for a little dog who has never been away from home longer than half a day. When we came home she was too tired to do anything else but sleep. After a day like today, I liked that a lot!


Last Sunday we celebrated two occasions ahead of time: One grandson graduated today and is going to high school in the fall, and son Dennis will be celebrating his 47th birthday tomorrow. That means that on August 20 we will have been in the United States 47 years! Dennis was 10 weeks old when we immigrated. How time flies. To think of all the spectacular things we have done, the exotic places we have visited, the many friends we have made!

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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2 thoughts on “A New Life! Retirement at its Best 89”

  1. Hi Ronny,
    My husband and I attended your Olli presentation, and so enjoyed it! You are a most impressive survivor…of both the death camp and almost 80 years of ‘living life’. I look forward to reading your books. (By the way, have been reading your website blog and love every entry…your descriptions and clarity of thought are amazing!)

    The day after meeting you we watched a TV movie that reminded me of your ‘story’…THE SISTERS OF WAR, THE LOST WOMEN OF RABAUL, a true story of the survival of an Australian nurse and nun in a Japanese camp. …just a tiny example of the trauma and sadness of WWII.

    Again, many thanks for sharing your life experiences with our Olli group. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

    Blessings to you and your family,
    Joanne Holcomb

  2. Oh Joanne,

    Your comments mean so much to me! Thank you! Both the comments about my presentation (because even if I ask people if they enjoyed it or learned from it, I never know whether they give me an honest answer or just want to please me) and the comments about my Blog 😍 as well.

    And your comments about ‘living life’? Well, now you know what my Mamma was like! Life is such a wonderful gift, how can you not celebrate every single day? And share the joy and the blessings?

    Thank you!


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