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Physical Therapy again

On Memorial Day, my back hurt a little. It got progressively worse, and today the doctor came. I know that physical therapy works wonders, and she decided we should go for it, without an MRI. In Prescott the problem was caused when I fell on the icy street walking Isabelle. I got spinal stenosis. This time, I think the cause was Lani, who was still pulling me in every direction suddenly on most of our walks. I finally had enough of it and solved the problem. Her harness has a ring on the top and one on the bottom. I attached two leashes, and pull the bottom leash under her front leg. Now, when she pulls, she is limping on three legs with one leg in the air. It worked immediately! What a great solution! We now take comfortable walks together, no more jerky pulls, no more stress about the question will she ever learn to walk nicely next to me? She will!

On Monday I hope to get my weekly schedule for PT, downstairs at the Club. Mike has already started there two weeks ago to get muscle strength back in his left leg. The therapists are all great, and the fact that it takes an hour three times a week is worth it to have my back in good shape again before our summer vacation. I believe that our body can heal itself. I recently read that you can talk to your body if you have a physical problem. Get into a meditative state, focus on the problem spot and tell the cells and muscles and tendons to heal. It sounds like what I learned in yoga: breathe into the pain. I believe anything they tell me, but it sounds easier than it is. Ha! especially the get into a meditative state!

Kidnap and Murder in broad daylight!

Yesterday, when I drove the car out of the garage to go for brunch at the club, the sound indicated a vehicle was passing closely in the back or on the side. I saw no vehicle, but then, with a lot of noise, a large black crow dashed up and down behind the car and shot along the side of my window, which I quickly opened to look out. Two robins were making the noise and seemed to attack the crow, fluttering around him, crying and diving up and down. I saw a pink lump with one thin leg bulging out of the crow’s beak. I could hardly believe what I saw. Kidnap and murder of a little fledgling! Its parents were desperately trying to get the crow to drop their precious young. But the crow dove through the opening between the holly tree and the house and up to the rooftop with its prey and disappeared out of sight. There was nothing I could do. How sad a spectacle! How sad the thought that two robins went through weeks of hard work to build a nest, lay an egg, watch it hatch, feed it and then were powerless to defend it when a killer, stronger than they, took him away to eat him alive!

A week or so ago, I noticed high up in the air, a bird of prey being followed and seemingly attacked by two smaller birds. I assumed the small birds wanted to divert the attention from the location of their nest. But now I saw a similar scenario, with a deadly ending, from very close by. Poor baby, poor parents! Mike said, that’s nature, crows have to eat too. I say, let them eat seeds or bugs, not other birds’ fledglings!

A Box Dinner and a glass of wine

Last night no dinner was being served because management organized a party in the dining room for all employees: a once-a-year treat for them. Everybody could pick up a box dinner at 4:00 p.m., containing soup, a chicken wrap, pasta salad and a chocolate chip cookie. Dinner at four seemed a little too early, so we took the opportunity to invite the new neighbors across the street for a glass of wine. It was delightful to get to know them a little bit and we hope to become good friends. As they say, if you want a friend, be a friend. Afterwards we heard that the employee party was a great success. They had dressed up in suits and ties and party dresses, and there were prizes for the best looking persons. We concluded that a box dinner for us once a year was worth the fun evening the employees had had.

It’s a Wonderful World!

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