A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2022-117

Springtime, busy time

With Covid down, and a second booster from Walgreens just around the corner, we feel safe to make doctors appointments again. And so we are taking the Waltonwood bus with Mary, to ┬áMike’s annual appointments at Audiology, and Ophthalmology; this because I can’t yet lift Mike’s walker into and out of the car after my March surgery. Cleaning at the dentist is next, one appointment for both of us at the same time.

I had a positive biopsy on my leg again and am scheduled for another surgery next week. Those skin cancer surgeries heal in four weeks, and I hope that’s it for now.

Then there are annual car inspections and insurance renewals…I don’t know about you, but things were easier when we were both able to do them together. Although I am proud to have done our taxes!

All this is to let you know that I have not had enough time this week to work on my Blog, but hopefully, I will be back next week with more happy and interesting news.

May your days be carefree!

Until next time,



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