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Mother Love

Mother Goose has been sitting on five eggs for quite a while, and every day I am looking down the slope of the pond where she has built her nest, close to the water. One afternoon, the gander, at a safe distance way across the pond, or so I thought, was alarmed by my presence so close to the nest. He took flight and seconds later he landed ten feet away from me, wings spread, beak open, loudly hissing. When he is in attack mode on the street, I hiss back, arms waving wide and screaming, then walk away. But close to the nest that would only scare Mother Goose, so I quietly stepped back and crossed the street. We are anxiously waiting for new goslings, while the water in the pond rose to a dangerous level this weekend because of the continuous rain.

I discovered a bird nest in the curve of our rear downspout, under the roof, close to one of the wind chimes. Quite a nice place, somewhat protected from the elements. Sitting on eggs is an orange breasted grey bird with a black head: perhaps a Robin. And then I found this picture of superior mother love: braving freezing temperatures, sitting on eggs, surrounded by a snow pack. An eagle? Who knows this bird?

Bird watching I have never done, because I never took the time. I specialize in fish watching: snorkeling in warm oceans in Hawai’i.

Hunt for an Easter Egg

We had a nice, quiet Easter, with a family visit and an Easter Brunch at the Club. Mike walked back and forth: a great accomplishment and improvement of his walking and stamina. But when Easter was over, yesterday, I said to him, This Easter week I have not seen or tasted a single chocolate Easter egg! I used to see little chocolate eggs in bags, large one in baskets, and, my favorite: Cadbury chocolate eggs. Irresistible when checking out at the cash register. Now, I have not gone to many stores recently, but they did not offer them at the Club either, and so I went out yesterday, Tuesday after Easter, to get two Cadbury eggs, one for Mike and one for me. I went to three stores, and could not believe that there were no Easter eggs anywhere any more. My last stop was Walmart. No Cadbury eggs. I picked up a jar of mayonnaise (nothing to do with chocolate eggs, but I needed it and it stood right by the cash register). And then, right there, I saw Cadbury chocolate bars with caramel filling, King Size! Better those than nothing,  I thought, and bought two. Only 120 calories, I read on the label. These days, I don’t really check calories, but look more for protein. 6 grams of protein, not bad. Back home, when we enjoyed the chocolate bar after lunch (oh how delicious! I ate the whole bar – Mike only one-third ) I read the wrapper in full: the 120 calories was for 1/3 of the bar, so the whole bar had 360 calories! Oh well, I thought, at least I had 6 grams of protein!

May your days be delicious and happy!

Until next time,


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