A New Life: Great Expectations! 2023 – 32

All’s well that ends well

At the urgent request of our daughter to please get our Covid shots, I went online, found a Walgreens, and made reservations for the following morning, Sunday, 11:45 and 12:00, thinking there would not be much traffic on Sundays. I drove the car out of the garage, got Mike with his walker out of the house, locked up, put the walker in the trunk of the car, locked the front door, and got inside myself. Walgreens… let’s see how long it would take us. To my shock I discovered that the Walgreens I had made appointments with was not in Apex at all, but in Raleigh, more than twelve miles away. Well, we could still make it, and I started the car. Except it did not start. Nothing worked. It did not detect a Ford key, while I had it in my hand. I thought it was the oil change that was due on Thursday morning.

We were lucky our doors opened and we could get out. Except I could not get Mike’s walker out of the back – the hatch did not open. I went inside and got my little walker, which I had bought in June for my torn meniscus. With that, Mike could get inside and I called AAA. An hour later a AAA technician told me the battery was dead. He started it up again and I let the engine run for half an hour in the driveway. What a disaster! No Covid shots yet. However, the best part was that we did not have to drive for half an hour to Walgreens in Raleigh.

Monday morning I had an appointment with the knee surgeon. He sent me to yet another surgeon a week later, who would do an ultrasound to determine the location of the baker’s cyst (yes, it is still there!) and then would drain some fluids from the back of the knee as well as the front. So I am not done yet. The good thing is that most days I can walk 5000 steps again with no pain in my knee. My goal is still for the knee to be as good as new by Christmas!

When I sat at the AAA office this morning for the oil change and battery check, which lasted more than an hour, I had time to read a book, currently The Boys in the Boat. The movie is coming out on December 25, and I hope to go see it with any of the family members that want to take me there!

Time out!

On Wednesday morning, Lani went to day care, where she met another little dog to play with; that was new to her, and it’s good for her to socialize. Because my manicurist opened the salon half an hour early just for me, I could have a manicure and a pedicure while the caregiver was still at home for Mike. My two friends at Waltonwood invited me for lunch next Tuesday, so I have plenty of good times to be thankful for.

And that’s a wrap!

Until next time,


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