A New Life: Great Expectations! 2023 – 31


They say that a person’s face changes every five years. I thought about that when I looked in the mirror the other day and saw: wrinkles! The new make up I am using is lovely in several aspects, but it does not erase age-related wrinkles. Hm. Well, everybody goes through the same changes, I thought, so those wrinkles are not disastrous. I felt even better about it after I saw recent pictures of movie stars, like Sarah Bullock, Meryl Streep, and Dame Judy Dench. People who do not resort to facials are all aging in a similar fashion. So I decided to take a headshot when I’m 85 (almost!) and when I’m 90. I will line up other headshots of 80, 75 and 70 and see how much my face has changed every five years. Kind of fun, if there is nothing you can do about it anyway. That’s how it is!


We have had a Black and Decker coffee maker forever. Of course not the same one, but I replaced them after they broke down with the same model. Every night, I put in water and coffee and the next morning all I need to do is push the button and it’s on. I never programmed it because we got up at different times. Last week, when I pushed the button, nothing happened. There was coffee in the carafe, but it was cold: brewed perhaps last night? Did I accidentally switch it on when I went to bed? Getting forgetful? Oh dear. But when the same thing happened two days later, I thought I’m not that stupid! It turned itself on in the night. And since its clock had not run well either, I decided it was time for a new one. I went online to Amazon, ordered the same Black and Decker, which arrived  the same day, so I could get it ready  for coffee in the morning.

We also have a Keurig coffee maker, and on the same day I decided it probably needed descaling. So I went to work, following the instructions in the manual, vinegar and water, water, water, and then I put in a new filter as well. Ready for my first cup in the morning! Except when I took that first cup, the creamer was curdled. I  got up to check its expiration date. And getting up I spilled half my coffee! Paper towels etc. to clean up, and then I smelled vinegar! There was still a trace of vinegar in the water. And so it took a while before I finally got my coffee. But now we are all set with two clean coffee makers. If anyone can tell me their favorite brand for the Keurig machine, please let me know.

Doggie Day Care

I found a wonderful day care home for Lani, four minutes from here. Today is her second day there. She does not like to be in the large yard by herself, because, believe it or not, she is scared to death by any flying insect. She loved to be inside, the lady is wonderful and her two kids get back from school at four o’clock, so Lani had time to play with them last week. The day care day is for when the gardeners come with their loud machines and Lani can’t stop barking. Last week, here was only one, and now, close to noon, I have not heard any! However, it is a wonderful opportunity for the future. If I ever have to leave for a longer period of time, even overnight, Lani is welcome at her day care home. That is a wonderful feeling, to be covered on all bases.

Getting to know my town

After a year, it is about time, but then I didn’t get out very often. Many businesses are very close, within five miles. I found safe ways (right turns only if possible :-)) to go to the pharmacy, the podiatrist, the gas station, the AAA, the dog groomer, the UPS store, Target for ice cream, the post office, the Hallmark Store, Walmart, the hair dresser, the nail salon, and that’s about it. There is a lot of traffic on the main street, but avoidable when you know where you are going.

And that’s a wrap!

Until next time,


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