A New Life: Great Expectations! 2023 – 29

Exciting news from the next generations

While not many exciting things are happening in our lives at 86 and 84 years old, we are enjoying the
adventures of the second and third generation, near and far. Our oldest grandson, in California will be
rowing the Head of the Charles again in Boston with his team next weekend. He was invited six years ago,
while still in High School, and this may be his final year, with the Varsity from SBSU, in a boat of four.
The Head of the Charles is the world’s largest 3-day rowing competition held annually in October, in Boston,
Massachusetts, attracting 400,000 spectators, 11,000 competitors and 2400 volunteers.

His sister was invited to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York with her high school choir earlier this spring. She is touring colleges for a selection in 2025.

Another grandson, here in Apex, took his Dad up for a two hour flight in a single engine airplane. And that while he is only 18 years old! He graduated high school early, in January, and got his Private Pilot’s license five months later. He has been flying many hours with an instructor and is close to getting his next license: Instrument Flying. We saw a video of one of the training sessions, where he flew in dense fog, when suddenly the runway came into view and he landed the plane carefully. Amazing!

What a day!

From 6:00 a.m., when I got up, until just now, my day has been filled with calls and texts to doctors and  pharmacies, to schedule appointments, correct medication doses and refills. The Physical Therapist came for Mike, and I got nothing else done. On a day like this I opt for Chick-Fil-A with a kale salad for dinner with a frosted lemonade, nothing to thaw or cook, just take out of the bag and serve.

After a 6 hour night plus a 2 hour nap, I am now only able to serve ice cream. Then start the going-to-bed routine  at 8:30 to make it before the garden lights go out at 10:00. Ah! what joy to live in our own home in this wonderfully quiet neighborhood and be totally independent!

All is well with my soul.

And that’s a wrap!

Until soon,


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