A New Life: Great Expectations! 2023 – 28


When we lived in Prescott, Arizona, I used to shop at Walmart a lot. They had everything and I knew my
way around. I bought a pair of beautiful sunglasses there once, that were indestructible. I had them for
years. So when, some twenty years later in North Carolina, the frame broke after putting it in my purse too
many times, the best thing I knew to do was find a Walmart in Apex and see if I could find a nice pair of
glasses to replace the broken ones. I could not believe that there, on the rack, were two identical pairs of
sunglasses, just like the one that broke. For many years, I would have bought both pairs – just in case:
a remainder of the war, when there was never enough of anything. But this time, I resisted the temptation,
trusting there would always be another pair of sunglasses at Walmart.


Last week, going to Trader Joe’s in Cary, I walked into large containers of pumpkins! They looked so inviting that I could not resist the temptation (there are many temptations in my life!) and I bought two large ones,
one of them a gift for the neighbors, and three small ones to decorate the coffee table with.

When the kids were little, we would carve the pumpkins. Now, I decided to draw a face on the big one in the front porch. That was fun. And to complete a nice entrance, Stephanie brought us a lovely fall wreath.
She makes those in her home and ships them all over the country. I have several that she made for different occasions during the year. If you are interested in seeing her beautiful collections, this is her website: http://www.welcomewreath.com.

We have a glass storm door in the front, and I don’t want to obscure any light coming in by a wreath. So our wreaths are hanging on the side wall.


Overnight, the wonderful, balmy temperatures dropped down to the forties. An early morning call to the heating company resulted in a technician coming around 10:00 am. He checked the furnace and reset the thermostat, so that we now have comforting heat all around. The days are still sunny, but down to the sixties. Tomorrow morning there is “Coffee at the Club”, a monthly opportunity to meet people in the neighborhood.

And that’s a wrap!

Until soon,


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