A New Life: Great Expectations! 2023 – 15

‘tWas  A Hard Day’s Night

Two doctors’ visits in Cary, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon tired us both out. We were late with dinner and everything else. In bed at eleven p.m., I could not sleep until past twelve, which made for a very short night. Our caregiver was sick, so we were without help for three days. And even though all the tasks are easy, being on my feet all day for three days in a row was not easy. I forgot to lock the front door and start the dishwasher before retiring, and had to do a major cleanup of my office on Friday. Next week, our Monday and Friday caregiver will be on vacation. Sometimes I think I can do it all myself, easy! But then, after a whole weekend, I am so happy to see a caregiver, so I can relieve my back, do some exercises, respond to doctors’ questionnaires online and more. On Friday morning I went to the Club for a meeting, and tacked on ten minutes on the leg press in the fitness center, my favorite machine. Well, that was just too much of a good thing. My hip hurt so much for two days that I had to take Advil and take it very easy. Based upon that experience, I have decided that at my age I have to scale back. My new goal is walking 8,000 steps a day instead of 10,000 or more. And the leg press? The next time I am at the fitness center, I will adjust it to a lower setting.

Home Cooking

Although I enjoyed the preparation, it was a little disappointing. We both loved the food, but I was in the kitchen, out of sight, for all the time it took to prepare it. Too long. I am looking forward to making banana ginger bread and ginger-carrot cake and banana-ginger jam, like I used to, but I hope to teach those skills to my mid-week caregiver.

Most of the days are uneventful and busy. The housekeeper did not come for four weeks because she was sick, and I have not had a caregiver for two weeks! One of them was sick and the other one is on vacation. Our good Apex friend has come to help me part of the time after her morning work, and she was a blessing. So I value my caregivers more than ever, and look forward to tomorrow, when our favorite person will be back, and Wednesday, when our housekeeper will hopefully be healthy again. They are talking about another Covid booster; but I am just not ready for that yet. I know the dates we had ours, because they are on the calendar, but I can’t find the cards that they were officially noted on. What’s new?

This is a wrap!

Looking forward to my next writing time,




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