A New Life: Great Expectations! 2023 – 14

Birds and a more

We added our little hummingbird feeder to the tree in front of the other window, left of the fireplace. It took a week, but now the humming birds have found it! The ones I saw look different from the ones we had in Prescott. Looking forward to see more of them when (if) I sit down. Gold finches are coming and Cardinals, even a woodpecker. Recently, I saw swallows overhead and found out that yes, there are several kinds of swallows in North Carolina. A thin black snake looked at me from the border on our evening walk, and when I looked it up on Google later on, I read that black snakes are quite common in North Carolina, and not venomous. Two ducks, living in the large pond at the end of the neighborhood, like to travel around and I have seen them way on the other side, sitting on somebody’s front lawn.

The Kentucky Derby last Saturday, was a lot of fun. I met new people, had delicious food and tasted a mint julep, which I really liked. We placed $1 bets on the horses, but I bet on all the wrong ones, so I did not make any money.

Property Maintenance is in full swing. Last week, all white fences and patios were power sprayed with chlorine water, rinsed with regular water. Next week, the gutters will be cleaned. We get advance warnings of the date and time our property will be cleaned, so we can be prepared and move plants out of harms way.

Visits to a Berry Patch, salads and home cooking!

After six years, I felt like cooking again. I made authentic nasi goreng, with a fried eggs, pisang goreng and sliced tomatoes. Delicious! Next on the menu is Rendang with chicken over Jasmine rice, and I will throw in some haricots verts for good measure. I discovered that my rice cooker is not working any more, and my wok does not look very good. they need to be recycled in a special place and our son will take care of that for us. For now, I will make do with instant rice, but I hope to get a new rice cooker and also a wok soon.

DJ’s Berry Patch, a few miles from here, opened a few weeks ago and their strawberries are juicy and delicious. I bought a large basket and have been sharing with neighbors. One neighbor brought us a huge tomato from a road side stand in Cary. Well, that asked for Caprese salad! I bought mozzarella balls, and just now a basil plant, and on Mother’s Day we will have Caprese salad for lunch again. For breakfast tomorrow morning I will make scrambled eggs with toast and strawberries on the side. We haven’t had scrambled eggs for a long time, no toast either. Next on the wish list are pancakes. But hey, perhaps I will wait with that until our daughter and grandkids come over this summer. Let them do it!

Mother’s Day

We are surrounded by beautiful flowers, inside and outside, and with all these delicacies on the menu I am sure it will be a wonderful day. Early rise and shine, because these days Lani wakes me up at the exact time that the alarm usually goes off, even when I turn it off in the weekends. Have a lovely day, all of you!

And that’s a wrap!

Until next time,



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