A New Life: Great Expectations! 2023 – 11

    An unconventional Easter 

I hope your Easter celebrations were wonderful: be it with or without a church service and sounding trumpets, with or without coloring and eating hard boiled eggs, with or without an egg hunt, with or without chocolate eggs and bunnies. All those varying Easter traditions make Easter special. And over the years, we did them all, and they are wonderful memories.  Our Easter this year was different. After a delicious breakfast with fresh strawberries, I could not find a “live” church service on television. My computer/TV skills leave a lot to be desired, and knowledgeable kids or grandkids were either still asleep or in church, so we did without this year. But the wonderful thing about this Easter was that our family had invited me to join them to see the musical Les Miserables in Durham.

Les Miserables

To be out with the family was a real treat. We had center front seats on the highest balcony. I climbed all the stairs to the top with my youthful family; too bad I did not count those steps,  I would have bragged about it! The show was amazing with many melodies I remembered. I got more out of the jokes then when we watched it some forty years ago in the Los Angeles Music center. I had my opera glasses with me and enjoyed many fascinating closeups. After the show, I told the family I would rather take the elevator down, even though there would be long lines. So we walked out the side door and to the elevator, where there was no line, but an attendant who saw all those young guys and their parents, and kindly asked them to take the stairs down. the family then turned to me and said, she is 84 years old. Wow, that did it. The attendant opened the doors and commented, good for you ma’am! and in no time we were down and out into the parking lot. I so enjoyed myself on this day out!

And that’s a wrap!

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