A New Life: Great Expectations! 2023 – 10

Beauty and Health

The wonderful medicine cabinet with the sliding mirror door in our Master bathroom, is used for beauty related items. The space needed for those has not increased remarkably over the years (believe it or not!). But the space needed for health related items has more than tripled. For all those items we have now designated a closet in the hallway leading to the Master Bedroom. I don’t know how you are doing – if you are in your eighties like us – but we can’t survive on Calcium, Vitamin D3 and eye drops any longer. So from the table in the dining area, where everything was piled up since the move, most health related items were moved into that wonderful, large closet around the corner, where they cover three shelves. Everything is easy to find that way. Medicines and vitamins stand on a 3 feet shelf at eye level, so labels are easy to read. On top of that we keep a large box with extras in the garage, extras that we got after Mike’s hospital visits in October. I really don’t know what to do with those. It’s not something you donate to Goodwill, I won’t throw the liquids down the toilet either. For instance, we have three quart size bottles of iodine and more things like that. I did find a pharmacy in Cary that has a drop off box for medications we no longer need, and I used that several times.


Because remembering to dole out medications and vitamins in a timely manner, our children advised us to go to PillPack, serviced by Amazon pharmacy. With help, I set it up for Mike in November, and finally at the end of the month of April everything will be on schedule, and I get the appropriate pills AM and PM in little envelopes on a roll. Because I only need two medications, I decided I do not need PillPack. If I can’t remember those two plus some vitamins, I will be a lost case.

Motorized solar shades

Yesterday, we had a visit from a designer who advised us on motorized solar shades for the sliding door to the patio. At certain times of the day the sun gets into the room with such a strong glare, that Mike has been wearing sunglasses while watching television. When we lived in Prescott, Arizona, one of our friends had motorized solar shades for all the windows in his bedroom. He could open and close them from his bed, and even program them to open or close at certain times. The latter was a great deterrent for burglars when the family was on vacation. I remember that in Hawai’i we had lights in the living room programmed to go on and off when we were away.

Before the end of the month we will have our motorized solar screens installed and are keeping our fingers crossed that we made the right design choice. I am so excited, I can’t wait!

And that’s a wrap!

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