A New Life! Retirement at its Very Best 2022-134

Well, a lot can happen in one month of sabbatical! 

See for yourself:


Letter to our Waltonwood Friends

In 2017, we moved from Arizona to Cary, to be closer to our son and his family in Apex. We found Waltonwood and enjoyed five happy years here.

We settled in a lovely cottage at the end of the cul-de-sac, surrounded by nature. We enjoyed wildlife sauntering or running through our back yard, which has a little pond at the end: geese, snapping turtles, seven deer reaching for the birdbath, and even a red fox.

At night, we enjoyed frog sounds coming from the pond and saw fireflies flitting through the bushes. We planted a tree. A little pine seedling that I discovered in one of our flower pots four years ago grew up in a pot of its own, got decorated as a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and was finally planted at the end of the street.

Our move to Cary would not be our last: we are moving to Apex! A lovely house with hardwood floors and a fireplace in a nice community with a pool and a clubhouse will be the next home in our 61 years together.

We will miss the friends we made at Waltonwood. I left you two of my books to remember us by. We are thankful for your friendship and wish you many years of joy and many blessings.

Mike and Ronny de Jong

My sabbatical is not over yet! The busiest time is still to come in the next two weeks! But we are so happy, so very happy! The new house is only five minutes from our son’s house, so family popovers are less time consuming.

Miracles do happen! Look for the ones in your life!

Until next time,



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