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Tweeting Tweets!

August is a very important month for me. It is the month in which, in 1945, the Japanese surrendered and World War Two came to an end. It is the month that Mamma, Paula and I had survived the horrors of the Japanese extermination camps and could begin a normal life again. It is a joyous month, and I am going all out to share this with the world.

In the first place, Findaway Voices, the company through which I published my Audiobook of Rising from the Shadow of the Sun, offered an August Promotion of my Audiobook in Apple Books, Google Play Book Store, Nook Audiobooks, eStories, LibroFM, and Instaread.

Then, an organization named AskDavid.com offered to promote all my books on their site and give me 30 free tweet links for tweets to their 58000 followers for a minimal six-month membership fee. I had worked with them in 2016, when the Second Edition of Rising had just been published, but at that time I didn’t know much about tweeting, so I did not take full advantage of the offer. But now I do! For the past five days I have been working on tweets with slightly different texts and using ##, hashtags in them. Hours of work, but fun! These tweet links that I got are valid until January 2020, but I am probably going to use most of them in August to get the attention of all of those 58000 followers :-). A bonus: every day David gives an extra tweet link away to the people who gain the most retweets in 24 hours. I fell into that category three times already in five days, and I used that extra link right away!

And last, but not least, I will give my third annual Keynote Presentation here in the Waltonwood Theatre. Afterwards I will announce my own August Promotion: Everyone who purchases a copy of Rising will get a free copy of Survivors of WWII in the Pacific.

In case you were planning to get one copy, or more for Christmas gifts or Birthday gifts, I am extending the August Special. For $20 plus shipping, you will get two books, a value of $30, with my autograph if you like. You can let me know your wishes in the Contact Page after this Blog post; I will respond privately to your email address and will let you know the added cost of shipping.

Daughter’s Visit

The next weeks will be full of activities. Our daughter from Canada will be with us for a week and we have several things planned to do with her and give her a memorable vacation week. She deserves it after another year of hard work. And so, if my Blog Posts are shorter, or missing, you know why. I’m busy having fun!

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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