A New Life! Retirement at its Best 95

Man proposes, but God disposes

That’s what Mamma wrote in her secret journal on her 5th wedding anniversary in 1942, my dear Mamma, a prisoner of the Japanese, separated from our Pappa for three and a half years. (translated in my book Rising from the Shadow of the Sun). I was thinking of her when, last Sunday morning, going to the computer to print our boarding passes for our Monday flight to Seattle, Mike told me he did not feel good about the whole trip. He suddenly dreaded the six-hour flight to Seattle, the ten days on board of the ship, after that a vacation in Canada, it was all too far from home for too long a time. I had to cancel everything; our wonderful vacation was not to happen.

It was difficult for me, especially because this happened at the very last minute: I had been looking forward so much to this time away, to the beauties of Alaska, to the visit with our daughter and her family, seeing the new house, playing with our two little granddaughters and reading them bedtime stories. It cost me some crying spells throughout the day. But it had to be done, and I did it. And on Tuesday night I watched the full moon from my own bedroom instead of the veranda of our Oceania Stateroom. In hindsight I thought, everything happens for a reason. I just have not found the reason yet. But life goes on. Mike is very happy to be home and not traveling. That is, after all, the most important thing.

And then, after having finished six weeks of physical therapy for pain in my Sacroiliac Joint on the left and a torn muscle on the right, I developed spasms in both my Piriformis muscles! Piriformis muscles? I had never heard of them. Such tiny muscles could almost prevent me from walking? Google explained where that new pain came from and recommended several exercises. Five days later, with exercises three times a day, that pain had disappeared as well. Phew! That might have been the reason our trip had to be cancelled.

And then… we got a surprise phone call from Canada: our daughter had booked a flight from Victoria to Raleigh, NC and will come to stay with us for a week. Sunshine after the rain!


While on the phone one late afternoon, looking out the window, I saw a firefly sitting on the glass. While I was still trying to determine whether it was on the inside (so I could capture it and take it outside) or on the outside of the glass, a bright red cardinal flew up to the window and snapped up the poor creature with one tap. Fireflies are abundant on summer nights: I can see many of them through the window.

One night, going to the bathroom in the dark, I noticed a tiny round light on the floor next to the toilet. In the beam of my flashlight I noticed it was a dead firefly, belly up, with its light still on. Did you know that a firefly (or lightning bug) still shines his light after death? I know now: one of the little miracles of nature. I think it is similar to the light Mamma still shines through me, when I share her story with the world, through presentations and books; her light of courage, determination, love and hope. If you don’t know her inspirational story yet, please get my book at Amazon:

Rising from the Shadow of the Sun or at your favorite store through this Universal Link:


Dog training

The temperatures have been in the nineties for weeks now, so we are not sitting outside, and I can only walk the dog in the early morning before breakfast and early evening, when it is cooler. Last night I took her to the first floor in the Club again for a walk, as I have done before. Everyone is in their apartment and I never encounter anyone during our rounds. This time I did an experiment: I let go of both leashes. Lani was hesitant, then kept going, but she constantly stopped and kept looking back at me, got some treats, and went on. After she had rounded a corner ahead of me, I stayed behind and called her: Lani, come! It worked beautifully! I will train her again tonight! This is the beginning of her walking next to me without pulling!

On August 10 Lani and I are starting a new obedience class in Raleigh after which she will get an AKC Good Citizen Certificate. Right after that we will take another six weeks of Therapy dog training, and by the end of the year she will have become a Therapy Dog! I can go around the whole facility with her and let people pet her without being afraid she will jump up at them. One thing I discovered that I did not know: Lani has 2″ long eyelashes! They look like artificial lashes. When I googled it I learned that the length of dogs’ eyelashes is based on the length of their fur. Because Goldendoodles have long hair, their long eyelashes protect them from hair getting into their eyes. She is so beautiful and so sweet! Even without the long lashes I would love her. We are blessed to have her.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “A New Life! Retirement at its Best 95”

  1. Hi Ronny,
    I felt so bad that you had to cancel your trip to Alaska but how fun that your daughter will come to you instead. We can relate to a cancelled cruise out of Seattle as well, but you’re right, everything happens for a reason my mom always used to say as well. Kop op my friend, and enjoy a lovely time with your daughter 🙂 we are looking forward to a visit from our youngest daughter and family coming from Spokane on Tuesday. We live in Las Vegas now (orig in So Ca) and the kids have not been to our new home yet, we are all very excited :).
    Have a wonderful visit with your daughter Ronny 🙂

  2. Dear May,

    Thank you do much for your supportive comments. Nice to know you are in Las Vegas. From Prescott, where we used to live, I could have driven there for a visit 🙂
    We are happy in Cary, North Carolina, and it’s great to live close to at least one child, and three grandsons.

    Thank you again; I love comments on my posts 🙂



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