A New Life! Retirement at its Best 83

What a Day!

The last few weeks I plopped down in bed at 9:30 p.m. sighing, what a day! Every single day was gratifying, but exhausting. Monday was regular laundry day, and I worked on getting my winter wardrobe cleaned and put away and getting my summer clothes out of their boxes, from high on the shelf. I got part of it done, not all. Hey, I have a tip for you! Instead of ironing the clothes that have been folded during the winter, I put five or six garments in the dryer together with two wet towels that just came out of the washer. The wrinkles and creases disappear without ironing! Try it!

The handyman came to change the filters in the ceiling. Then I picked up dinner at the Club, ate at home with Mike and took Lani to her second obedience class. This time, she did not learn very much. She could not focus her attention on me because another Doodle of the same age joined the group of three and that was a wonderful playmate! Added to that was my inability, once I did get her attention, to hold one treat in my left hand, and a treat plus a clicker in the right, plus grip the leash and prevent her from dashing off to her new friend. I did get new instructions on walking Lani on the leash, with the promise she would learn not to pull in two weeks. We have started that regimen: we are on day 4.

On Tuesday, after walking her, I took Lani to the groomer’s at 7:30 a.m., we had breakfast and then I took Mike to the dentist. In the mean time, starting at 9:00 a.m., the carpet cleaner came to clean the carpet throughout the house. I forgot to say that starting at 5:30 a.m. after we had coffee, we proceeded to move as much of the furniture off the carpet and into the sunroom or kitchen or piled on the bed. Since neither one of us is supposed to lift heavy things, that meant a lot of dragging. Phew! I missed chair yoga; we had lunch at the Club while the carpet was drying, and at 2:00 p.m. went to the circuit exercise class with my private trainer (private, because nobody else can do what she makes me do). During the class I got a text that Lani was ready, so right away from class to the groomer’s, and back home we took a walk in the park, stop and go! And so on and so forth, not sure you are really interested, but this is just to get an idea of how I felt two days of this week at my age! Oops, I never say that often, at my age! But I do feel that I tire more quickly, and I have started putting on my pants and socks and shoes sitting down. No kidding!


In a matter of two weeks the flowering trees have lost their blossoms and everything has sprouted green leaves all around. In a matter of two weeks we are not able to see the homes in Wimbledon anymore, nor the traffic on the freeway, other than some lights here and there. The temperatures day and night are higher, we can walk without jackets, and it feels like summer is here!

At the end of last year, the landscapers removed the dead dogwood tree from the front of the house and planted a new one. A new little tree, that is. We had no idea, and still don’t, what kind of a tree it is. They did the same at a cottage two doors down, and her tree is showing little white flowers; she thinks it is a Cornaceae, in the family of the dogwoods. We’ll see in a little while what kind of flowers our tree will produce and then we can find out what tree it really is.

Guess what? It is Wednesday night that I write this, and I just found out that it is Wednesday night! I am usually publishing my posts early on Wednesday morning! So here is goodbye!

It’s a wonderful life!

Until next time!



3 thoughts on “A New Life! Retirement at its Best 83”

  1. I love spendungtime with you in your posts. Yes, even at 67 I’m surprised by how much quicker I tire and how stubborn I am about not not slowing down! We had a wonderful discussion at Book Group today. Virginia chose beryl Markham’s West into the Night this month’s book. Such poetic writing and thrilling stories in her memoir – the discussion was stimulating. Spring has definitely come on strong here. The yellow iris are blooming and the blue ones are ready to show their beauty in a day or two. We have 1/2 acre here just three blocks from the Square and the previous owner blessed us with lots of cooling trees and flowering bushes. I can see the green of North Carolina from your description, including the dogwoods and azaleas and rhodies. Thanks for sharing your days with us!
    Hugs, Cheri

  2. Thanks for your comments, Cheri. I loved your recommendation of “Where the Crawdads Sing”. I could not put it down! What a wonderful book. I welcome more such treasures! Was this month’s book like that?


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