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The Tooth Dragon

Oh! Oh! Accidents do happen when you least expect them. A few months ago I purchased a box of beautiful cherries, totally out of season, and served them with lunch as a surprise. Mike happened to break a tooth when he bit on one. We called to make an appointment with our dentist and heard they were moving to another town! Just then a nice flyer had come in the mail from another local dentist and we moved there right away. Actually, that sounds easier than it was: it involved lots of paperwork and two appointments, and it all took time. To make a long story short: because of lack of communication we went to yet another dentist, this one at the recommendation of our son, and last week Mike had oral surgery. It went very well, he had no pain afterwards. It meant he had to eat soft foods, so we ordered in from the Club, and I ran his whole meal through the VitaMix. We did that for three days, and on Friday went back to the Club for dinner. Nice to see everyone again. The total treatment is not quite over yet of course, but the worst is.

The Grooming Salon

For the first time in her life Lani went to the grooming salon. I dropped her off early on the morning and she was ready for pickup at 3:00 p.m. When they brought her to the lobby I burst out laughing. Her coat was brushed back smoothly, they had put a little pink ribbon on top of her head and two dark, shiny eyes looked at me. For the first time we could clearly see each other! Since then, I have gotten used to her new face, and am trying to teach her to catch treats, which she had a hard time seeing with all the hair in front of her eyes. She has gained weight, and at 6.5 months is now 16.5 pounds. Still light enough to carry her across the Divide to Wimbledon for long walks, which we have done several times already. Also this week we received the cover for her kennel. She needed one, because every time she saw a reflection in one of the windows, or flickering lights of the candles at the front door, or she heard the rain on the back patio, she started barking. The cover has two flaps that can be rolled up, one in the front and one on one side. We leave the side one down, because she never exits the kennel through the side door, and the front flap is up, so she can see into the room, where we are, ands does not see the windows on the side. She immediately felt at home in her cave, and wanders in and out to retrieve toys or her blanket.

Visits to Assisted Living

Sometimes, when I visit friends who have moved to Assisted Living, I take Lani with me to socialize her with many people. She is still pulling too hard and jumping up, but on Wednesday the trainer will come again for another teaching session. When Lani is mature and calmer, I want her to be a therapy dog in our facility. Take that with a grain of salt, because I can’t train her to be a real therapy dog of course, but people love to pet her and that could be therapeutic for some. That will take a while still!

An Exciting Offer!

If you like to listen to Audiobooks, whether driving long distances, doing housework or cooking, or just relaxing in your recliner or in bed, I have an exciting offer for you. If you send me your email address with the request for an Audiobook, I will send you a promo code with which you can download a free copy. Not from Amazon, who tries to sell you a subscription for a monthly payment, but from a private Author Source. I only have a limited number of Promo Codes, and I believe I will get some for the UK as well, so whoever contacts me the first will get a PC for sure, as long as they last. Even if you have read the book, listening to the story gives it a whole new dimension. Give it a try! It’s free! Now, of course I would appreciate it very much if you would write a review for me on Amazon. My goal is a total of 100 reviews; I currently have 60. Be the next!

It’s a Wonderful World!

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