A New Life! Retirement at its Best 58

The Calendar showed four weeks of “open days” as we call it. No doctors’ appointments, no other obligations of any kind either, promising a wonderful time for walks and reading and writing and getting ready for our little puppy, who left the brothers and sisters of her litter and went to the trainer last Thursday. But before we knew it, things happened and free time fleeted.

Last Friday I picked up our antique Spanish clock and hung it on the wall. It did not run. When I  manoeuvred it to get it to hang more straight, crash! It fell down. Thank goodness it did not fall on the floor. A wooden box, it would certainly have been damaged beyond repair. No, it was saved by my right shoulder. The same shoulder that I had surgery on last April! What luck! It was quite a loud crash; my shoulder has a titanium screw in it, and I wondered for a second if that caused the loud sound. But then there are flesh and bones in between, so I imagine the sound was caused by things inside the clock crashing. The blue spot on my shoulder will disappear in a few days.

Back on the wall, the pendulum then hit the wood on one side. The clockmaker, whom I told only that the clock didn’t work, gave me the choice to come back to his store to have him check it out or have him come to my house for $125. That choice was easy! And today, the clock is finally hanging in its proper place on the wall after more than ten months. It is ticking and chiming every half hour and keeping proper time! We are delighted.

Stars and Stripes 

On the freeway today, a rock crashed against my windshield and a little star appeared in the glass. Oh shoot! Now what? I never had that happen before. On the way home the star suddenly sent out a line to the left and one to the right: the window started cracking. Back home, Mike called the insurance and a glass repair shop, and before we knew it we had an appointment to have the window replaced, the day after tomorrow. Plans for tomorrow were already made: I will take the car in for service; that will take a few hours, so I can sit and read and sip Keurig coffee.

Printer problems

After lunch today I climbed in the phone with HP and then with Spectrum, our WiFi server. We have had problems for months, not being able to print from the Mac or to air-print from the iPad without first manually disabling the WiFi! Crazy!  But now we have a brand new HP printer and it still does not work properly. Talking to the techs took a good two hours, but finally all tablets were synched with the Mac and it worked. The question is, will it still work tomorrow? We’ll see. Tomorrow is another day. Remember who said that? Let me know!

What a joy that I did not have to prepare dinner but we could just walk to the Club in the already lower temperature of a sunny fall afternoon to enjoy a delicious dinner and chocolate pecan pie for dessert!

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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