A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2022-108

The weather

After two sessions of temperatures in the low seventies, the temperature dropped again suddenly into the forties. Jackets back on! When I went out to walk the dog today, I put on my sunglasses, then left her at the door and went back inside to get my hat. I have several hats, but I needed a sturdy one, because it was windy. I put on the hat and went out again; then back in, because I needed my sunglasses. I looked everywhere, even in the kitchen, but finally decided they were probably in the car and I would do without them this time. We walked around the pond and quickly back home. What a difference with yesterday, when I went out in short sleeves!

Lani is very smart; she always manages to pick up something very close to home, usually a piece of wood. When we come inside, she tries to hide it. When I repeatedly tell her to drop it, she finally does. Then I go and get her a treat from the kitchen. She knows the routine, and even though I am watching her outside and never actually see her picking up something, she sneaks it by me every time. So too this afternoon. I took off my hat and put it on the stand, and then I went to comb my hair. And what did I see? My sunglasses were sitting on top of my head! Something likeĀ he was looking for his horse and he was sitting on it!

Covid testing materials

A neighbor received a box from the Government yesterday: four free at-home testing kits. Did anyone get his or hers yet? I applied for a kit online at: covidtests.gov and received a prompt response: they were delayed but would send my box as soon as possible. With the perspective of Covid and its variants being around for a very long time, we will at least be covered with home testing materials. At the Club, only Associates and Residents with symptoms are tested. Currently, no residents have symptoms, a few Associates are out, but will be back soon.

Valentine’s Day

In Monday’s meeting, the Chef mentioned that he made a few special things for Valentine’s dinner: a delicious, very rare roast beef, and skewered shrimp. We in the cottages get the dinner menu on Saturday for the whole week. When we saw the Monday menu we decided we could not make a choice between these – to us – unappetizing entrees and would end up with the third choice, always on the menu: a hot dog. On days like that we “eat out.” So DoorDash brought us a delicious chicken curry from our favorite Thai restaurant in the evening, and during the day we were surprised with beautiful blue irises and blue hyacinths, plus Chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne for two. All that made for a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Another Birthday Party

For tonight, we have invited two couples from the cottages to celebrate the belated 82nd birthday of Jesse. We’ll order Papa Murphy’s pizza, have champagne and wine, and yesterday I baked another lemon pecan pie, for which I had everything in the house, except four eggs, which I borrowed from the lady across the street. I will get some tomorrow at Trader Joe’s in return.

By the way, I did some great discoveries. Trader Joe’s is less than one mile on the Parkway to our left; Lowe’s Food is less than one mile on the Parkway to our right; there are also a gas station and a car wash. All so close! For years, I drove five miles to Walmart and the pharmacy, through traffic, but now I can save time and money – well, perhaps no money, but after all, Time is money, right? I used to go to Costco for gas, but that was seven miles, and groceries from Costco, like Dutch Cheese, come to the door with Door Dash.

We surely live in a wonderful neighborhood! Wimbledon trails are practically in our back yard, and even though I used to cross on foot with Lani through the Divide, these days I drive around to the parking lot by the tennis courts, from where we catch the trail. Four years older, I have to be four years wiser, and after my fall from the step stool who knows what I can get into when I scramble through the bushes. I have not encountered any snakes there, but it only takes one!

It’s a Wonderful Life!

May your days be happy

Until next time,





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