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WWII PowerPoint Presentation, August 11, 2021
It was great! I think that you will only hear how good or how disappointing your performance really was if you hear what people say to each other about it. But from what heard, it was successful; nobody left the room, even after we went overtime (as usual), I had a full house, about 50 people I think, and I am happy that they were optimistic and added enough chairs ahead of time. Several people told me that they loved it, that it was interesting and they learned a lot; “good job” said one, and so on. I was happy to see two of my grandsons there and my daughter-in-law, and they all thought it was very interesting “and well brought” 🙂 Because my family knows I am planning to retire from my book promotion, they gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers afterwards.
One email from a Waltonwood neighbor was especially heartwarming:

Thanks for  sharing memories and images with us. As I thought about the terror of your early days and your continuing buoyancy of today, I thought of this poem we had to memorize high school English. It has a different meaning for me now.

Missing my friend

One of my best friends here at Waltonwood, with a wonderful laugh and a sparkling wit, went missing. Today I found out that her son had sent me an email, but it went into the trash and so I didn’t find it until this morning. Daisy has been in the hospital and is now with Hospice, after they found her to be with pancreatic cancer that had spread to one lung and her liver. She is ninety-one. She is being kept free of pain – Hospice is wonderful – and many relatives are flying in to say goodbye. We will miss her, especially at the Friday afternoon Happy Hour, where she was never shy to go back to the bar and ask for a second glass of red wine. Dear, dapper Daisy.

Garden millipedes

Two days have gone by that I did not have to pick up fifty or more of those critters on my dustpan first thing in the morning  and then more all during the day. Maintenance must have done something outside to eliminate them, and I still spray outside my front door at night, just in case. I don’t like all that poison around, especially with Lani, but at least I am not stepping barefoot on crawling bugs when I get up in the morning. Life is good!

The first sign of Fall

It’s hard to believe, but yesterday I noticed the first sign of changing leaves, still amidst a lot of green, but standing out nevertheless. Hopefully the very hot and humid days will be over soon, but then I am hoping for an Indian Summer until October, like we had when we lived in Prescott.

May your days be peaceful and happy.

Until next time,





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