A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-78

Back to the Future

Activities at Waltonwood start to resemble normalcy again. There have been trips out, like a BBQ at Jordan Lake, two baseball games, shopping and more. We are now allowed to sit with 6 people at a table for dinner. However, because of a severe lack of kitchen staff, most dinners have been buffet dinners, and so we prefer to pick up – always a choice.

I have tried “chair dancing”, a weekly activity for half an hour with a lovely, licensed fitness trainer. And I joined “chair yoga” for the third time. Both activities are great. Added to that, I am going back to my floor exercises in the morning. This first week after vacation I have not had time for anything but unpacking, laundry and the likes. But starting tomorrow, I will get a nice girl to help me with household chores for half an hour in the morning, four days a week, which time I will set aside to work out in my office. In between, early and late, walks  with Lani will be wonderful. Since it has been very hot, I walk early, or in Wimbledon right after breakfast; the trail is shady.

Because there is still a lot to do before I can sit down and read a book again, I will end this week with a front and back image of the amazing, beautiful picture album we received from all children for our 60th wedding anniversary: memories of more than 60 years, really unbelievable, and a joy for many years to come.



May your days be peaceful and happy

Until next time,





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