A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-70

My Mother’s Day Celebration

It was absolutely a celebration all weekend long! On Friday morning this        beautiful Hawaiian woven basket arrived from Maui, full of Hawaiian flowers. A yellow and an orange Heliconia with two Ti leaves behind them and a Protea, a red ginger and a yellow ginger, which started blooming (little flowers popping out of the  tight layers), orange and yellow Protea, purple dendrobiums, ferns and greens; such a beautiful, familiar arrangement. The basket will turn brown in time: I know, because I once joined a class on the beach at Richardson’s Beach Park in weaving palm frond strips into a bowl. I made two bowls, for my Mom and sister in the Netherlands. Other people made baskets and hats. I don’t know that I can still do those things, twenty years after we left the Big Island.

On Saturday afternoon our son came by for a visit and to – again – fix problems with the TV and the computer. And early on Sunday morning, three bags were delivered on the chair by the front door, from Whole Foods, ordered by our three children. We had fresh croissants with jam and cheese, and Mango, and there was a tube with hand lotion for me.

Because dinner at the Club, a choice of lamb or ham, with red velvet cake for dessert – no doubt delicious for many residents – would not be a special treat for us, we enjoyed Papa Murphy’s Favorite Pizza with a glass of wonderful red wine, served at room temperature (instead of wine from a box super chilled :-)) I slept like a rose.

A lovely, long stemmed pink rose from Management was delivered to the door, with a nice card, and I added a green branch to make it perfect.

Geese and a duck

Poor Mother Goose. We now think that she may be the one who lost her mate in the freeway accident and laid three unfertilized eggs, which of course will not hatch. But suddenly last week, another waterfowl, perhaps a duck, splashed into the water with five darling little ducks in tow. Neighbors have watched them for a few days now, counting every time if there are still five little ones.

A Doe in the back yard!

About three years ago, when we fist lived here, we saw a couple of small deer in the Divide; where did they go? where did they come from? We never found out. Until, this week, one of the cottage neighbors spotted a large doe in his back yard, unbelievable really, between his cottage and the freeway fence. There she was! All grown up; I believe it for sure, one of the two came back. We consider ourselves blessed to be able to live surrounded by nature, even though the freeway is within hearing distance.


It’s a Wonderful Life!

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