A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-58

The aftermath of Moderna #2

We had hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. The second vaccine clinic at the Club was even better organized than the first and we were done quickly on Thursday afternoon. We had no commitments on Friday, so that we could just relax. Mike did not have any after effects, but I felt achy all day Friday. It was like I had a temperature, but frequent checking did not show anything abnormal. We were warned not to take any Tylenol within six hours of the shot, because it would diminish the effect of the drug, so we were careful not to, and on Saturday I felt fine again. The feeling of security is great and makes it all worth it. Two weeks from last Thursday, on February 10, the effect of the drug will have reached 100%. Of course distancing and a mask are still necessary, but the feeling of freedom after 11 months of severe restrictions is fantastic.

Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of year again: girl scouts are selling cookies. Our granddaughter in California now has a digital cookie website through which we can order cookies and her goal is to sell 150 boxes of cookies. In previous years we have either just made a donation, or we ordered cookies and asked her to save them for us in the freezer until the next family reunion in the summer, but this year the girl scout council offered to ship them. A minimum of four boxes would be shipped for a fee. What to do? We love especially the Samoas, but to eat four boxes of Samoas in February would definitely mean I would have to buy a new bathing suit for our summer reunion. I had an idea. To the great surprise and delight of our granddaughter I ordered fourteen boxes of a variety of cookies. Six of them were to be delivered to the military in my granddaughter’s area as a donation, and eight boxes will come here. I will save 2 boxes of Samoas for ourselves and, since they will arrive just before Valentine’s day, I will drop them off at the doors of six people at the Club the night before. There are single people who have no family, or are deep in their nineties, or whom we just love for the way they have braved these eleven months in lockdown. For that purpose I went to Amazon and found a box of miniature Valentine’s cards, the old fashioned style, very cute, and on each card I will write With love from your secret Valentine. Our granddaughter’s  troop has great plans: there are eight of them, and they are planing a trip to one of the Hawaiian Islands in the summer of 2022. They will learn how to plan the trip, lodging, food, entertainment and everything else. A true learning experience with lots of fun.

And I? Well, I have to dig up my beautiful bathing suit and see how many pounds I have to lose to fit it again and then judge if I can eat any cookies at all when they come. But then, in four months I can easily lose five pounds if I have to, so no worries. And Mike can eat any amount of cookies without any problem: his speedo will always fit! Lucky guy!

First snow and cold, dark, rainy days

The snow really only held on the roof tops, very pretty, and the bushes and trees, but had disappeared the next morning. And because walking other than with the dog is not attractive, it was the perfect time to start working on taxes. We have the TurboTax in the house, a CD, because that’s how we have always done it, and in anticipation of all necessary documents to come in I started it up. Last year it was so easy that we did it in one day. We don’t own property anymore, and that makes it easy. I do the computer part and Mike backs me up with all the documentation he has collected in his “active file” during the year.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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