A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-48

More Covid Cases

Last week, walking Lani, I watched while a man and a woman put on full protective gear before they entered the main door at Assisted Living. As far as we were told, one positive Resident had been taken to the hospital and one positive Associate had gone home in isolation. So I deducted “the outbreak”, as was reported on the news, concerned more than just those two, who were no longer in the building.

The general manager says he wants to be transparent, but in essence he is not, probably because he “does not want people to panic”. So I called one of my friends in the main building who always knows the latest of things going on. I heard that there are 8 positive cases in Memory Care and 2 cases in Assisted Living. Whoa! An outbreak indeed. They must strictly order all staff to remain in their own section of the building for the safety of all of us, and hope they comply! We have three “communities” here, and before Covid, cleaning crew, staff, servers and even visiting family could go back and forth. There is a shared kitchen between Independent and Assisted Living.

One person tested positive in Independent Living last week, and has been in isolation in her apartment. Having talked to another friend, I now know who she is. I’m so sorry! We have friends, a pilot and his wife, who tested positive, got sick, then better, but now, two months later, are still suffering after effects, even heart problems. What a terrible disease! And yet, I am aghast to see how many people are traveling for Thanksgiving! Many of them will be sick at Christmas time! Why can’t they wait just a few more months and celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas in July? It is beyond me. And I am thankful that we made a good decision four years ago, sold our Prescott home and are now living safely in a cozy cottage on a beautiful campus, close to some of our children, and get our meals delivered to our door. We are thankful too, that we can support many people here in North Carolina with food through the local Food Bank.

Playing games

Last night, my youngest grandson, 10 years old, texted me: would I please download an app on my iPad and play a game with him? Ha! A link to the younger generation! With a little explanation I found the app, downloaded it, and was offered to play the game of twenty questions. A funny sound, a dark bonk – a- bonk -a- bonk played in the background, counting to twenty seconds, during which I had to ask questions and get answers. I will not explain more, but it took me a while to get the picture; I got very close to the right answer, but was just a few questions short 🙂 I lost. Grandson wanted to play another game, but I had to put the dog to bed and then myself (these young ones stay up late!) so I promised to play again the following day. I’m so happy to have a “connect” with one of the grandchildren, and I love to play games!

In these unprecedented times, we hope that you have at least a few family members in your “bubble” to celebrate Thanksgiving with, or connect with family in other ways, and have a blessed and happy day.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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  1. What an insight into our present day horrors. Thank you, Ronny, for sharing with us some of the trials and tribulations of living with COVID 19 in such times.
    We send you a Happy Thanksgiving virtual hug from your friends in Sunriver. We so appreciate your delightful and educational letters !! C and T


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