A New Life! Retirement at its Best 109


In a senior community like ours, Halloween is not an event with scary masks and ghosts and witches. It is more a dress-up party and about ten people had donned a costume or a wig at our Halloween Social. A good witch in pink and purple won the prize. We as the Captain and the sailor girl had a good time with trivia, libations and taking pictures. The 101-year old lady, at our suggestion, came dressed as The Little Old Lady Of Pasadena. We used to live next to a little old lady in Pasadena, and know the term, but it was not until yesterday that I found out that there was a song in the sixties sung by the Beach Boys and others, and that image was completely different than the image we had of her, based on our neighbor. In the song, The Little Old Lady of Pasadena drove real fast and she drove real hard and she was the terror of Colorado Boulevard. Is there anyone who remembers hearing this song?

Another party took priority over writing more and posting on time!

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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    • Hey, thank you for the link, Harvey. Fun to listen to, and, like I said before, the song gives a totally different image of the Lady than our little old neighbor, bless her soul.


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