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Party Plans

October, November, December: the days are getting shorter, daylight savings time is not until November 3 this year. But the longer evenings will provide fun events, organized by the WW team. This week we will attend Gatsby Night, a Murder Mystery. We’ll have breakfast and brunch and take-out packages for dinner that day, and then from 5 – 8 p.m. the Mystery with “butler served hors d’oeuvres” and refreshments. We skipped a similar event last year, but will try it this week. An outside company will organize it and bring three actors to stage the game. Sounds like fun!

For Halloween we are invited to a Halloween Social at 2:30 p.m., and because last year about fifteen people dressed up, we’ll have some fun with it as well. Last year, I donned my original Dutch costume. That was fun, because I had only worn it a few times way back in California. But with all the layers on my body it was very warm. Mike had a captain’s hat and a mustache, but the mustache did not stay up so he went barefaced. This year, the captain’s hat for Mike will be the only thing he will wear again, so I found a very cute dress online to go with the captain as a sailor girl. And, I had to laugh at the thought, I ordered a red tulle petticoat to make the dress look more “retro.” Imagine, I’ll be wearing a dress with a red petticoat! Only on Halloween! Too many years I’ve been a witch, and too many people are dressing up as witches, so I’ll be a sailor girl to walk next to my captain. The only thing different is that the pillbox hat the dress came with is child size. So I will wear another captain’s hat we still had in the “dress-up trunk”.


In the cottages we are not up to date on everything that happens at the Club. And so it came as a depressing surprise that one of our friends, who recently came home from the hospital after an “easy” surgery during which they took away a cancerous tumor and part of her lung, still has cancer cells in her body. Tonight, we saw her during dinner wearing a wig. Now, several people with thinning hair are wearing a wig here, so we thought it was a preview of Halloween. But no, she has to undergo a brain MRI and chemo for any metastasized cells. She is prepared to fight: she has all the medications the doctor prescribed for after the treatments, including hair! What a brave soul, to talk about it so lightly. What a horrible disease is cancer! How blessed am I to not have it!

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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