A New Life! Retirement at its Best 102

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Looking back at my weekly Blog Posts I came to realize that I have been writing these for two years now! The subjects I chose from my daily life in a Retirement Community, starting at the age of 78, are not just focused on the many older residents and new friends who live here, their ailments, hospital visits and deaths, but more on the things that happened in my own life. I am privileged to be healthy, can still walk the dog twice a day, I can see without glasses, hear without aids, use the computer to a certain extent, and write and edit my stories. I am thankful for all that and plan to continue writing my posts if you, my followers, deem most of it interesting. How interesting, of course, is a personal matter. That brings me to the following question. How many of you would encourage me to edit all my posts, bundle them, and publish them in the future? It will take time and effort and money, to be sure, and I would gladly spend all of those on this project, but only if you think many other people than my friends and relatives would like to read this book. Will it have an audience? Can I change things about it to get an audience? Only you, who have been reading my posts can judge this, so I would like to take a poll; I will not be offended if the answer of the majority is a NO. Would you submit your vote below this post or vote (anonimously) in an email to ronnyhermandejong@gmail.com?

A Little Miracle

A few days ago, standing in the dog run, waiting for Lani to do her shi-shi, I noticed a tiny movement on a leaf in front of me. This is what I saw and what caused me to run inside and get my camera. IMG_1786
(To see this video, click on the link, then click on the full link it takes you to at the bottom of the page.)

One hour  later, I saw this, I could still peek inside, and another hour later the leaf was folded and closed completely. How long will it take for the metamorphosis to take place? Google says five to twenty-one days. I will be watching!

Harvest Moon on Friday the 13th

A rare event, which last happened nationwide on October 13, 2000 and you will not see again until August 13, 2049. Ha! That is thirty years from now! However healthy I am today, however long I am hoping to live, God willing, in thirty years I would be 110 years old. Even though my mother lived till almost 102, and a very few live to be 110, I will not be among them. And if I would reach that ripe 🙂 old age, I will not be looking at the moon, wherever I live.

A harvest moon rises about 25 minutes after the sun sets in most of the northern United States, NASA said, 25 minutes earlier than a typical moon. This brings extra light in the evenings. And like any full moon, the sun and moon are opposite each other, so the sun cranks up the moon’s brightness. Hence the title Harvest Moon: the farmers could spend more time harvesting before total darkness.

Once, when we lived on the Big Island and took a trip to Moloka’i with friends from the Netherlands, we were sitting on the beach, watching the moon rise over the ocean, while the sun was setting behind the top of the hill behind us. In my mind’s eye I see again the beauty of the scene, the light against the darkening sky, the lapping of the waves at our feet…A full moon at sunset on beautiful Moloka’i. We were staying at the Pau Hana Inn, where, on the lanai under the huge banyan tree the locals came together on Friday nights (pau hana means after work, when the work is done). There was live music, laughing, singing, and of course, hula.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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5 thoughts on “A New Life! Retirement at its Best 102”

  1. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I honestly do NOT think your bundled blog would be worth your trouble and time. There is far too much “competition” and more exciting reads in the world today. In addition, entertainment and reads are often only a one day or week thing, it is no longer a need-to-have or buy-wish from potential readers. Hope this helps.

  2. I visit your blog occasionally because my current and past world has similar circumstances. I enjoy reading you posts, but it’s unlikely that I would purchase a book revisiting your stories. I consider a blog ‘a moment in time’. I would not ‘take the time for a moment’. Happy Monday Mrs. Herman De Jong.

  3. Thank you for listening to your readers on publishing ideas. Personally I prefer short online blogs, not bundled or collected as a story. Thank you

  4. You can not “get” a bigger or better audience with a book versus an online blog. It’s 2019 and blogs are the new books. Good luck!

  5. To all of my followers, Jenna, Steve, Cayla, Anonymous, and the Anonymous people who responded to my Poll by email, I want to send a big THANK YOU for their honest opinions on my question of Book or Blog. The majority of you, for interestingly varying reasons, voted for my online Blog. It is much easier if you don’t have to make a decision like that on your own! Therefore, as my Mom would say, “On we go!”


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