A New Life: Great Expectations! 2023 – 37

December 30, almost the last day of the year!

The festivities with family and friends before, during and after my birthday were wonderful. We enjoyed regular streamed services of our former church in Prescott and their Christmas pageant was hilarious. These final days of the year are an extension of Christmas, it seems, especially because we are retired, cozy in our lovely home. We don’t have to go to work or travel back home, so we are safe and happy.

How often I will be able to write stories on this Blog depends on the time I can devote to it. I will make it a New Year’s resolution, but then I have several other resolutions, like regular reading and walking longer distances.

With exercise and prayers I have reached my goal of a pain free left leg, even before Christmas. I feel it sometimes a little, but I have the full range of motion again, can do a dozen squats a day, and am able to take care of Mike afternoons, evenings and on Sundays.

Wishing you a happy year end and a great New Year!

Until next time,



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