A New Life: Great Expectations! 2023 – 25

Labor Day Weekend

It was a hard labor week: days without caregivers, a visit to the dermatologist in Cary, always a hassle. But there were many positives: the clock repair man came to the house to do the bi-annual clock maintenance, the dermatologist prescribed a new medication for Mike, and the new physical therapist visited twice.

The weekend was memorable! I made time for myself and read and finished a great book. Because I was pain free one whole day, I had so much energy that I made nasi goreng for dinner one night and nasi with saté ajam and green beens another night! Our friend’s grandson came over and – although he said he had never done this before – he took all the weeds out of the border, so it looks beautiful. Perhaps he will get other job offers now: the neighbor across the lawn was also interested.

A Dentist’s visit

Not the same as a visit to the dentist! This dentist came to the house and gave Mike a professional cleaning plus x-rays while he sat in his own comfortable recliner.  He mentioned that he also visits people in Waltonwood and other retirement places. We knew about that, but in those days we still had a dentist in town and moving around was not as difficult for Mike. Four years can make a great difference when you are 85!

Two evenings I took Lani out for a half mile walk, and it went reasonably well. Our dog walker was out of town and her sister took over in the mornings. I am less and less thinking about that knee, and moving around without pain is wonderful. From now on, I will appreciate every day that I can walk on both legs; I will not take it for granted as before. You think you are invincible, but slowly but surely, when you are in your eighties, body parts wear out. It happened to me. Just my knee though, the rest is still in optima forma. 🙂

At the end of the month the pool will be closed. So yesterday, I put on my suit and UV protective long sleeve shirt and went to the pool down the street to do some water exercises. No swimming yet. The water temperature was 85.5 degrees, just wonderful. Three other residents joined me after fifteen minutes, nice to get to know them.

Trying to save my Cat Palm

It was beautiful when I got it, but I put it in the wrong place and gave it the wrong fertilizer. Poor thing. One by one the fronds turned brown. After I had moved it too my office, the wonderful sunny room, and it got some morning sun, new fronds sprouted out. And today, before it got too hot outside (98 degrees) I repotted it and cut off all the old stuff. It does not look good yet, but where there is life, there is hope, and I will try to get it nice and green again.

And that’s a wrap!

Until next time, stay well.




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