A New Life: Great Expectations! 2023 – 20

From Baker’s Cyst to Torn Meniscus

When a cortisone shot did not alleviate my pain, I went to get an MRI last Saturday. It showed a complicated torn meniscus and more. The orthopedic surgeon who reviewed it, sent me on to another surgeon, who specializes in arthroscopic knee surgeries. I will meet with him on July 24, and discuss details. Maybe I will benefit from that, they said, and be able to walk again. Well, I’d better! I have about three weeks to plan what to do during at least the first ten days when I can’t stand or walk, just sit. I will need more help, that’s for sure. I will get tips from a friend who lives alone and had knee surgery two years ago.

This Thursday, our daughter and grandkids will arrive, and stay for a wonderful ten days! They said they would take me to the pool in the wheelchair! Well, hopefully, I will still be able to take the few steps from the parking lot to the pool with a walker, and then I can glide into the water and be weightless!

Message from the Chief District Court Judge

At least somebody has pity on me! I received the following email yesterday:

Due to your unique situation, you are hereby permanently excused from jury service. It will NOT be necessary for you to report for service now or in the future.

Ned W. Magnum,
Chief District Court Judge

Thank you Ned!

Where there is hope, there is life

About five years ago, we received a beautiful Anthurium. We kept it in the sunroom of our cottage, but after the first bloom, sadly, it never bloomed again. It was barely alive, but I believed here had to be a better future for this beautiful plant.

When we moved to Apex, last Fall, I put the anthurium in my office, where it gets the first morning sun through the window blinds for a few hours. And lo and behold, the first flower appeared, then the second and the third, and two more buds are sprouting out at the bottom. Beautiful, dark pink blossoms. Our anthurium is happy!

It shows that when you keep up hope, as long as there is enough sunshine in your life, you will bloom profusely again, as you were meant to do.

Blog posts are created on my desktop Mac

Pretty soon, I will have to sit with my feet above heart level, days on end! I am pretty flexible, but I know I can’t write stories upside down. Which means that there will be an undetermined hiatus in my published Blog Posts.

Wish me luck and a successful surgery in the near future.

Until soon,




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