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A Beautiful World: Colors

Early this morning, stepping out onto our patio, the walls around me were colored. Straight ahead a brilliant yellow, then to the left and right vibrant orange and deep, dark burgundy, and brown, and peach, and then the green of the pine trees, the magnolias and the holly. And the sun is not even up yet. Yesterday morning, the tree in front of my office window was a see-through, shining orange, hard to describe, and a picture does not do it justice. It is beautiful all around. We don’t have to go on a trip or a cruise to see the fall colors, we’re right in the middle of them.

Walking on a textured tapestry covering my forest path and spilling over to both sides, I smelled –  what shall I compare it with –  soil, a nutty fragrance, mushrooms. Multi colored leaves of all shapes and colors continued to dwindle down all around and on top of me from the canopy overhead, while my feet made a rustling sound on the reds and yellow and browns and burgundies and oranges and even greens of the carpet beneath me.

Driving anywhere, I am surrounded by the tall majesty of many-colored trees. While the trees immediately surrounding our home are about 20 to 30 feet, the outer circle consists of pines and oaks and trees I have never seen before that are 50 to 100 feet tall. Really amazing. In the Nature Preserve in Wimbledon, I found out the name of one of the tall pines, the Loblolly tree. Who has ever heard of a Loblolly tree? It has a different kind of trunk, grows fast to about 100 feet and has no branches on the lower 30 feet. Anyway, nature is beautiful.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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