A Place of Refuge



Once in a while we need to leave all our work and worries and problems behind and seek the safety and peace of a place of refuge, the maluhia of a place where we can live life a day at a time, enjoying the wonders of nature, the fragrance of flowers, the songs of hundreds of birds, the warm water of the ocean as we float with a buoyancy of body and mind in total relaxation. Maluhia…

Ask me where to find that place and I will let you know…

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3 thoughts on “A Place of Refuge”

  1. It’s on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Hilo side, where sunshine and rain alternate, creating rainbows over a tropical forest.

    There is a small black sand beach where locals come to carry their babies into the water and teach their keiki how to ride a surf board; where the coral underwater gardens are alive and well, creating a habitat for many colored fish that you can observe through your mask while floating on the water. One or two large turtles meander around too, and if you are lucky, you will see them below you, flying in slow motion like birds in the sky.

    And there is a cozy place to stay, where you will be welcomed with Hawaiian hospitality…


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