A New Life!

Hello dear friends,

I’m back! It has taken about three months to get ready for our move from Arizona to North Carolina, to actually move (that was the easy part, the plane took us here in about five ours), to unpack and get settled. But we’re here, and we love it, and we are glad we made this move when we did! Right now, it’s very green here, like Hilo, and very hot, like Prescott, and we welcome the occasional rain showers, like in Hilo; in short: we feel at home.

Thank you for still being there (I hope) to read about my stories of life in a retirement community as seen through the eyes of a fifty-year-old! Yes, that’s about how I feel. Not until now do I fully realize that being able to sit and stand up, to walk fast, to go up and down stairs, and other things that I accepted as normal are not given to many people who live to be a hundred! My mother was an exception of course, riding her bike and exercising until she was ninety-four, and walking unassisted until she was almost 102.

I’m planning to write a blog post once a week; I hope you will enjoy reading them and respond with a comment once in a while. It would be great to get a conversation going with those of you who have similar or differing experiences.

Until soon,




4 thoughts on “A New Life!”

  1. So glad to hear you and Mike have settled in. Moves, much less moves across the country, can be an exhausting, life-changing event. Sounds like you’ve weathered it well.

  2. Thank you, Linanne. It’s great to have time to start writing again. i’m also working on an audio book! wish me luck!


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